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5 Moments That Made Wednesday Addams Relatable In The New Netflix Series

5 Moments That Made Wednesday Addams Relatable In The New Netflix Series

Wednesday, the new Netflix craze, had just set the audience ablaze with its haunting and thrilling episodes. The iconic Addams Family just made a comeback now featuring their one and only Wednesday, a goth high school girl known for her bloody death stare and cold persona. But, aside from the comedy, suspense, horror, and fleeting romance that the series served its audience, it is Wednesday who would keep your eyes brutally stitched to the screen.

Although the plot is set in a rather old-school mise en scène, it showcased modern attributes, culture, and norms, which makes it more engaging to the viewers. Wednesday in particular, even though she has that weird, anti-social, and unapproachable goth vibes and a murderous attitude, she was still made to be relatable. She is just iconic like that and pretty sure a lot of us were like “She’s just like me fr.”

5 Moments That Made Wednesday Addams Relatable In The New Netflix Series

“Please excuse Wednesday, she’s allergic to color.”

Not to radiate that “I’m not like other girls” kinda vibe but Wednesday is actually a unique kinda vibe and she’s definitely not like any other girl. She likes it all black everything, from her custom-made uniform to her bubblegum. And of course, who wouldn’t want a gothic lace dress for a dance night party, right? Black is not only mysterious but it’s also a fashion must-have. You can never go wrong with an “all-black everything” #OOTD.

“Silence would be appreciated.”

Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series.

Do you ever just feel like wanting everyone to shut the hell up? Because Wednesday does and so do I. Sometimes, peace and quiet are needed to free your head off of stress but you can’t always be somewhere where silence is convenient. Either you ask ‘em to shut up or suffer in silence (for the lack of silence, yes). But of course, you shan’t be rude, like Wednesday practically is. Can’t afford to get yourself into trouble if you can’t deal with it like she does, right?

“It’s named after my favorite unsolved murder.”

I mean, who isn’t a true crime fanatic these days? May sound a little bit strange to some but to most, it is quite the interest right now. As Wednesday says, “I prefer spooky.” Netflix has so much true crime films to offer and even TikTok has a lot of true crime content. Bet you can’t scroll through your FYP without encountering one, can you? Can’t blame you, though. Digging into the extreme minds of serial killers does get you that riveting chill in your bones. Just don’t go diving too deep into it, okay?

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“If he breaks your heart, I’ll nail-gun his.”

Of course, the bestie code. Nobody hates the man who hurt you more than your BFF does. We love an overprotective bestie here. Wednesday may seem like she doesn’t give an f about everyone but the best friend would always be an exception, like in most cases. Always gotta back them up in times of despair and the last thing we’d want them to be crying about is a guy ditching them on a date.

“Tears don’t fix anything.”

Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss. Just kidding, except for the last one. Wednesday is definitely a baddie, a girl boss, who always got her back whatever happens to her. Girlbossing her way to her rather compelling life. A real role model, honestly. Most of the time it is really independence that we need and it is the independence that will teach us the most. But of course, one shan’t forget to seek help when needed. I mean if even Wednesday does, why wouldn’t you?

And, that’s Wednesday Addams for you! If you haven’t seen Wednesday yet, this is your sign. It is a great series you and your family will surely enjoy. Or you can watch it on your own and be one with solitude, just like how Wednesday likes it.

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