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I think cream blush is superior; here’s why:

I think cream blush is superior; here’s why:

Cream blush is better than powder ones. Patting it on brightens up my face and gives me more color. And, I think I’ve mentioned it before. But, I usually use a multi-pot cream for three things — as an eyeshadow primer, blush, and lipstick primer. It guarantees a healthy glow and has become the key to that woke-up-like-this kind of flush. Unlike powders, it tends to melt into the skin, giving a natural-looking and long-lasting tint to the cheeks. 

And, overall, I think cream blush is superior. 

Cream blush is the best for a dewy finish. 

It ties a glowy no-makeup makeup look together. It is the best perfect product for achieving a dewy flush. It tends to look more natural than powders have great staying power. It looks so realistic because of its texture. The products also offer skin-like texture. It also looks translucent while still looking pigmented. 

It’s easy to apply. 

The beauty of cream blush is anyone can apply it effortlessly. I would usually just use my fingertips. Of course, do this while smiling. It helps out with exaggerating the apples of your cheeks. That way, you know exactly where to apply. However, you can use a sponge to apply it, too, especially if you have a fuller coverage foundation underneath. Apply it with a sponge and dab on it to build color. 

One of the best aspects refers to how easy it is on dry skin. 

Anyone with dry skin knows how challenging it is to find products that cater to your skin concerns and deliver amazing results. It is a great solution for this. Aside from that, some cream blushes use ingredients that have hydrating properties that moisturize the skin. 

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Cream blushes are light on the skin.

Having makeup look good is a priority. With cream blushes being light on the skin, it takes these concerns into consideration and actively combats cakey and thick makeup products. Instead of feeling thick on the cheeks, it glides on seamlessly. It feels light and airy, almost like a second skin. 

How about you? Do you prefer cream or powder blush? Let us know!

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