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Hype is real: Jollibee Peach Mango Pie now comes in large size

Hype is real: Jollibee Peach Mango Pie now comes in large size

Jollibee heard you, folks! If you’re one of the people who got burned on the first bite and still loved the sweet mango texture of every bite of your Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie, this news is for you!

On May 17, 2022, Jollibee launched a size upgrade to its famous Peach Mango Pie, from bite-size to large size.

The large peach mango pie is available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for only P45 solo and P132 for 3 pies to go.

The crust is still crispy. The peach-mango filling is still sweet. The pie is still in constant danger of spilling over your chin when you take a bite, but there is also 50% MORE of the original pocket pie than before!

According to Bea Bediones, Jollibee Marketing Brand Manager, “with the introduction of the Large Peach Mango Pie, we found an opportunity. In which we could make one of our most popular menu items, the Peach Mango Pie, into something that retains its iconic goodness and crispiness but gives customers a bigger flavor experience.”

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The Birth of Jollibee and Peach Mango Pie

Jollibee began in the late 1970s in Manila, and by the mid-1980s, and had dominated the local market. Tony Tan Caktiong, owner, the son of Southeast Chinese immigrants became a self-made billionaire. Thus, Jollibee has become a global fast-food brand and a Filpino success story.
In 1986, Jollibee built its first overseas branch in Taiwan. And in 1988, it opened its first US outlet in Daly City, California. Jollibee has around 1,400 outlets across the globe.

Jollibee shops in Manila serve a variety of pie varieties, including, the world-famous Mango Pie. This contains a turon-style Filipino snack and mango-Mallow fillings. Jollibee also offers savory hand pies, including tuna, and ube.

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