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Huawei Philippines Launches Seeds For The Future 2021 for ICT Talents

Huawei Philippines Launches Seeds For The Future 2021 for ICT Talents


Huawei Philippines launched the 7th Seeds for the Future program.

Over 100 students in the Philippines joined the program this year.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs Department, the Chairman of Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines, the Chancellor of University of the Philippines, professors and students from 20 universities joined the opening ceremony.

A better future for business

Teodoro Locsin, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Department, gave a speech during the event, and said,

“As the world becomes more digital, Huawei has seen it fit not only to be business for profit but also to make the building of a better future its business. In 2008, It took this commitment to another level by launching its flagship CSR Program – Huawei Seeds for the Future. Now this Digital Spark has spread exponentially to make a difference in the lives of almost 9,000 beneficiaries worldwide.”

Secretary Locsin also said,

“Seeds for the Future aptly named as such has been spreading and cultivating ICT expertise across the global expanse. Its beneficiaries are able to acquire ICT Knowledge first hand while collectively building their network of ICT talents. I am glad that this program has reached the Philippines in 2015, more than 100 Filipinos have benefited from the program and are now making tangible contributions to our ICT industry. Also, I extend my warmest congratulations to Huawei for the remarkable success of Seeds for the Future and to its new crop of talents. I have high hopes that this program will continue to soar higher to make a difference in the lives of many and to build a better future for us all. ”

Digital inclusion and prosperous tech industry

Prospero De Vera III, Chairman of Commission on Higher Education, gave his remarks during the opening ceremony, saying,

“Huawei Philippines Seeds for the Future program became one of the most awaited event by our aspiring ICT experts. The 2021 program will not just stimulate the minds of our students but more importantly will give them the chance to share their learnings with their peers, which in the long run can evolve in more immersive, inclusive and robust ICT ecosystem. We are with you in your goal to achieve digital inclusion and promote prosperous tech industry by setting the standards for the rest to follow.”

For the younger generation

Fidel Nemenzo, Chancellor of University of the Philippines stated,

“Huawei Philippines Seeds for the Future Program are important and timely for they introduce to our students new technologies like 5G, AI and Cloud computing to help them enhance their knowledge, capabilities and skills. For you, young students, my hope is that you use the knowledge and skills from programs such as this to help solve some of our country’s problems. I challenge you to be the generation that will re-imagine and build a new world, one that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive.”

Information and communications technologies (ICT) have become the crucial growth engine for many different industries.

The pandemic has also opened our eyes to the importance of ICT in all aspects of our lives.

Industry development

Digital transformation is necessary to ensure that we survive the challenges brought upon by Covid-19. 

New ICT technologies like 5G, AI, and IoT will be widely applied in the next decade.

They will become the cornerstone of the intelligent world in 2030.

Countries with good ICT foundations will be more resilient and easily respond to disruption.

On the other hand, talent will drive industries to go digital.

See Also

As an ICT leader, Huawei is committed to promoting ICT industry development in the Philippines. 

Jay Chen, Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific Region, said they announced extensions on the digital talent cultivation initiatives further.

Over the next 5 years, Huawei has committed another $50 million USD to develop 500,000 ICT talents in Asia Pacific.

Huawei has been almost 20 years in the Philippines, through Seeds for the Future.

Also, it has as an enduring commitment to a sustainable world, we aim to bring digital skills to more people.

Seeds for the Future is Huawei’s flagship global CSR program.

It aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge communication between countries and cultures.

In the past 6 years, over 100 Filipino students took the journey with Huawei’s Seeds for the Future program.

As the pandemic continues, the selected talents will experience 8 days of online training this year.

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