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Stuff & Shop: Essential AffordaBUDOL Shopee finds

Stuff & Shop: Essential AffordaBUDOL Shopee finds

Are you looking for stuff and good deals on Shopee? Say no more because I’m about to share with you some shops and essential affordable stuff that you may find on Shopee!

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The online store Shopee is one of the websites I go to when I have nothing to do or if I want to reward myself after a hard day at work. Shopee is an app where you can find many items at low prices. It offers you a selection of cooking, clothing, health, and beauty products, among other things. Many Filipinos visit this store to magpa-“BUDOL” for product and shipping discounts.

What does Budol mean?

According to BusinessMirror, budol refers to impulsive buying, however, nowadays, everyone who shops online refers to their goods as “budol purchases” or “budol.”

The budol is primarily inspired by the Budol-Budol gang, a group of thieves who prey on the trusting and trick people into transactions where they either give up their entire life savings or valuable items in exchange for phony money, among other things.

In light of this, when someone says, “Na-budol na naman ako!” They also essentially mean that they were persuaded into making internet purchases of goods and services they may not have needed.

The Stuff & Shops you may buy and visit!

Self Defense

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We are all aware of the crimes that happen in today’s society, and it is essential for women to have their own means of self-defense. This self-defense keychain kit comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it suitable for both men and women.

On Shopee, this item sold for 2.8k. Check out this Shopee account to learn more.

Pepper Spray

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This one is for everyone who commutes frequently or walks home alone or to work alone. This has good reviews on Shopee and comes in many colors as well.

On Shopee, it has 2.1k sales. To learn more, visit this Shopee account!

Portable Mini Neck Fan

Photo | King Penguin Household Product

This is a perfect one for you if you commute daily as I do. Since we are used to using hand fans, this one is more convenient because you don’t need to hold it since it is already working around your neck. Students will benefit from this as well as they are already back in class and in person.

On Shopee, this item sold for 11.9k. Check out this Shopee account to learn more.

Cable Organizer

Photo | King Penguin Household Product

If you’re anything like me and find it difficult to work if my workspace isn’t somewhat organized, this one is ideal for you. This one is available as well in the same shop, King Penguin Household Product on Shopee.

Clean Roller

Photo | King Penguin Household Product

Do you have anything to clean up? Need to remove pet hair from your clothing? This cleaning roller will come to the rescue! It sold 1.3k sales in the same store, King Penguin Household Product, and it also got positive reviews.


Photo | Arti.crafts

The products in this store are ideal for your kitchen area, living room, bedroom, workspace, and more if you’re pushing through minimalistic or Nordic themes, team Kahoy, or white stuff. On Shopee, 502.9k people are followers of this store! They have a lot of products that would look great in your home, so you should definitely check them out.

Check out this Shopee account to find out more.

Stain Remover

Photo | P&G USA

Okay, so sometimes things happened that resulted in stains on your clothing, but don’t worry—this stain remover saved the day. 

On Shopee, it has 1.1k sales. Visit the P&G Official Store on Shopee!

Mini Umbrella

Photo | union CA

Back to school has already started, and it’s the rainy season! Nevertheless, this umbrella is suitable for every situation and season. If you’re like me and dislike carrying bulky, large umbrellas in your bag, then you’ll love this trendy small umbrella that fits in your pocket.

On Shopee, this item sold for 4.2k. Check out this Shopee account to learn more.


Photo | therastick

This one may be helpful to you if you’re anything like me and need an alternative option of relaxing and falling asleep. With a range of essential oils with pink himalayan salt, Therastick provides you with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that will help you focus, relax, and be in the moment.

See Also

This uses only organic essential oils for aromatherapy and makes no therapeutic claims. Find out more about their products here.

Face Mask

Photo | Thrift Apparel MNL

We are still in the midst of the pandemic, so using face masks is still really essential. If you’re like me that doesn’t like plain face masks, you might want to have a look at these masks from Thrift Apparel MNL on Shopee.

It provides you with face masks of good quality and has also sold 3.5k of them. To learn more, visit their Shopee account.


Photo | Motivo Philippines

Power Banks are essential since our mobile phones are essential. Nowadays, hybrid classes are ongoing and phones are important for work and other duties and it’s hard if you’re in a crucial scenario and your phone is already dead. Additionally, this may last for years.

To find out more, you may visit their store here.

Miss Tits

Photo | Miss Tits

This one is for all the ladies out there! If you’re anything like me and are sick of wearing wired bras and only want to use Skinvisible Nipple Covers, check out this shop on Shopee! This shop offers you a variety of high-quality breast care products to use in any situation.

Click here to learn more.


Photo | TwinAngelsCollection

Regardless of the weather, using sunscreen is essential for keeping our skin healthy. This trendy sunscreen from Fairy Skin  provides you with a non-sticky formulation, moisturizing advantages, and an immediate toning impact.

On Shopee, it sold for 53.2k. To find out more, click here.

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