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How JP and Nim took a leap of faith and made a name for themselves in the beauty industry


How JP and Nim took a leap of faith and made a name for themselves in the beauty industry


John Philip Gatpayat and Nim Rod Mariano aren’t just partners in love and life, but in work as well. In a professional setup, they are JP and Nim — the rising hair and makeup duo in the beauty industry.

Aside from hair and make-up, they also offer gown rental and basic photoshoot services to their clients. Although usually working for brides and weddings, there isn’t an event the real-life partners couldn’t cater to.

Of signature looks and identity

Both JP and Nim share common perspectives in terms of preferences: they both enjoy fantasy-inspired looks. “We both love fantasy, thus our body of works are mostly inspired by princesses and deities,” said JP.

However, the couple has differences as well. “I adore full glam and pageant makeups while Nim is very engrossed and loves to do soft glam looks, which can be seen mostly in brides,” JP explained.

Through time and experience, they managed to create a “signature look” that would suit their clients — or as they like to call them, their muses.

Overcoming challenges

When asked what their biggest challenge was in the course of their time spent together in the business, they said it was the pandemic.

“There were lots of restrictions and health protocols to be considered as we embarked on the life of the ‘New Normal’,” said the couple.

The first line of defense in the war that is the pandemic was making sure all their materials are clean and sanitized. Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation would be a tougher battle to handle if they haven’t prepared for it beforehand. “[It was a] good thing that we equipped ourselves about hygiene even before the pandemic hit and so the adjustments were minimal,” they pointed out.

The one that started it all

The duo started when JP asked Nim if he could try out hair and makeup as a career choice; since they were both passionate about it, even before they started a business.

“Though there were many doubts and struggles, we took a leap of faith and followed our hearts,” JP said.

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They added that aside from each other, their family and closest friends also helped them plant the seed of success that is their business today. “And the rest is history,” JP said.

What to look forward to

Both JP and Nim plans to expand their business in the future. “Since we already have a gown rental and photoshoot service, our next goal is a creative studio. A one-stop-shop for clients.”

While they look forward and plan for that, at the moment, they plan to focus on the present as well. “Meeting different kinds of people who inspire us better with our crafts,” said JP, is one of the most enjoyable aspects of their jobs.

Take a look at their works on their Facebook page. Witness how their leap of faith urged them to become the people — the couple — that they are today.

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