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How does humor play in relationships?

How does humor play in relationships?

We’ve all heard the famous saying, “Humor is the best medicine,” and there’s a grain of truth that laughter can significantly improve our well-being. However, humor does not only play a crucial role in our health. It could also add quality to our relationships with others. In addition, we like it when a friend or someone can make us chuckle and make a simple matter amusing. We start to appreciate people who can bring smiles to our faces. On some level, those people with a good sense of humor can earn our admiration and trust. Their comic move can keep things exciting and vibrant. 

Humor helps build rapport. 

Using humor when meeting a new person can also be a good start. It’s a skill we can incorporate to establish rapport and gain the other person’s interest. This will help us get to know the other person. According to Sara Algoe, a social psychologist, “For people who are laughing together, shared laughter signals that they see the world in the same way, and it momentarily boosts their sense of connection.” 

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We, however, must be mindful whenever we attempt to share the pleasure of humor. Although interjecting a joke in a conversation could mitigate awkward moments, we don’t mean to mock the other person badly—sensitivity is still necessary. A mean joke will only fall flat. 

Humor may strengthen intimacy.

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Humor, when used properly, creates a connection and intimacy. It brings us all together. Sharing laughter with others strengthens our bond with them. Even in romantic relationships, humor is enough to set the romance. In fact, a study reveals that in dating, positive humor is associated with attractiveness and suitability. We want someone who can make us laugh apart from characters and looks.

Humor diffuses negative vibes.

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With humor, we can also be resilient and overcome problems. For example, when we try to make fun of embarrassing situations, we try to frame our perspectives. Instead of sitting around so sour and glum, we can see it in a way that would make us feel better. Also, the ability to laugh at ourselves never runs the risk of offending others. 

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At the end of the day, we’re all imperfect and flawed individuals. Bantering a joke is one of the ways to cope with up disappointments and even diffuse tensions. Although it should not be used to hide true emotions.

There’s no wrong if we can be playful at times. Whether we’re having a dinner gathering with family, going out with friends, or doing a presentation, humor is helpful. Sharing a good laugh with others can make us feel more connected to them. Hence, we can use humor to build and maintain relationships with others. 

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