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Here’s why I think it’s Impossible for BLACKPINK and BTS to Collab

Here’s why I think it’s Impossible for BLACKPINK and BTS to Collab

Most new to the K-Pop scene or those who are only casual listeners of music would have definitely heard of these two groups – BLACKPINK and BTS. There are people who know of their popularity but not of their background and stories. Therefore it is possible that some may say “they should definitely make music together!” well, it’s more complicated than that. Let me tell you why I think BLACKPINK and BTS collaboration is near impossible.

Line Distribution

BLACKPINK has 4 member while BTS has 7. Do the math and imagine how a 3 – 4 minute single can accommodate 11 people. Given that as a whole, there will be 6 singers and 5 rappers on the track, what genre can cater to this lineup? Careful consideration should always be enforced in the K-Pop scene, it will be chaos once any unfairness in distribution happens.

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As a group, a collab between these two giants is near impossible, but how about as subunits or as soloists’? Imagine the vocal line of BLACKPINK with the rap line of BTS or vice versa, with those numbers, there is a certain possibility of fair line distribution. Imagine producer Suga on a solo track by either Rosé or Jisoo, now that’s even more possible. Given the total number of each group, a collab between them as a whole is simply a dream in the distant future.


This is an issue not just for BLACKPINK and BTS but for Korean groups in general. Sure, there will be people that would naturally ship these idols with one another because of the affinity or chemistry they possess. However, the shippers of these two biggest groups are on another level. It has come to the point that simple dress similarities are linked to dating controversies. Recently, even edited pictures of members together are circulating on Twitter and Instagram.

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The point is, these shippers will go crazy from a collab by both groups and even subunits. Shipping is a natural part of the industry. However, not to the point that even a simple glance would be given meaning. The companies of both groups aim to protect their artists. They won’t give these shippers a chance to make either of the group members uncomfortable. Thus, as long as fanatical shippers are there, collaboration might never happen, for both the groups’ sakes.

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Being the biggest group means having the biggest fandom. The achievements that BLACKPINK and BTS achieved are mostly thanks to their dedicated fan base. However, probably unbeknownst to most, BTS’ ARMY and BLACKPINK’s BLINKs have the biggest ongoing rivalry. Since the achievements of both groups are continuously being surpassed by each other, it’s not a stretch to say that ARMY and BLINK always have beef with one another.

By hook or by crook, the objection of these fans would affect the decision of both groups’ entertainment companies. While there may be those who would support the collab wholeheartedly, there will be a lot who would rather boycott the release. Yes. That’s how deranged the beef between these fan bases are right now. It’ll be fortunate if it stops with boycotting, however, there will be those that will write essays after essays of nasty personal narratives directed toward the members of either group.

While a BLACKPINK and BTS collab may seem like the most fitting route these biggest groups may pursue, there are various factors stopping them from doing so. For those of us wishing for a collab to happen, I suppose we’re gonna have to keep wishing harder.

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