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Here’s how Gabbi Garcia celebrates her 22nd birthday

Here’s how Gabbi Garcia celebrates her 22nd birthday

Yesterday marks a very special day for the Millennial It Girl Gabbi Garcia as she celebrates her 22nd birthday. Gabbi is known to be an advocate for certain causes and last Sunday, following the passing of her beloved dog Sunshine, she chose to celebrate her birthday by paying it forward. She visited the rescues of Pawssion Project to donate the food supplies of her late pet. This shows how selfless she is and an exceptional act of compassion. It reminds us that what’s most important are those around us, in this case, her beloved pet.

Pawssion Project Foundation is an animal welfare group that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes animals.

I’m sure she (Sunshine) is smiling up there knowing that other dogs can enjoy her treats. This is our way of paying it forward because Shine filled us with so much love.

Who is Sunshine?

Sunshine who just recently passed is her family’s pet for 13 years.

Sunshine is not just a dog, she’s family. She’s been with us for 13, almost 14 years in our lives. She sleeps in our rooms, mostly our parents’ room, joins us in all our meals, and is part of our traditional photos. She really is the Sunshine of this family.”

Losing a pet is an excruciating part of someone’s life and can be devastating. Witnessing their last breath is so painful especially if the pet has been with you for so long. It’s like losing a family so no wonder Gabbi and her family grieve so much with Sunshine’s passing.

What’s next for Gabbi?

Gabbi has been the face of so many brands for the past few years. Now that she’s 22 and her boyfriend Khalil Ramos transferred to GMA Network, there are so many projects in store for her. This tandem can surely make us swoon in the future.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for her as everything is falling into place on what she’s dreamed on. As for now, catch her at the Newest Millennial and Gen Z Oriented Reality Show called “IRL” and on her Youtube channel.

We wish Gabbi all the best and may she stay healthy to keep us entertained in these difficult times. Just like your pet, you are sunshine to your fans, and may your life uplift us and be an encouragement to us all.

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