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Keeping Your Circles Safe: Why It Is Okay To Cut People Off

Keeping Your Circles Safe: Why It Is Okay To Cut People Off

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Social media can be quite stressful these days because of toxicity, and it’s better to cut people off, all from unsupportive social media acquaintances, to people whose content drain your energy. Moreover, not everyone on your friends list is genuinely happy for you. Some are just surveillance cameras waiting for you to fail.

Blocking, unfriending, and unfollowing people can help in protecting your peace and that’s okay. You must keep your personal accounts safe. Furthermore, having a private life in social media is as therapeutic as having privacy in real life.

Moreover, keep only the right people who you genuinely trust, even in real life. You do not deserve to feel like you’re being watched and judged when you’re sharing your most precious moments. It’s your social media account. Use it wisely.

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In connection to that, toxic people are everywhere. They can be in a form of a dummy or a real account. Therefore, those kinds of people should not be kept in your circles. It’s best to cut those people off and reserve space for those who are genuine with you.

Moreover, there can also be people who you aren’t really close with. You may have met them even once, but doesn’t add any value to your life in the long run. Or maybe, their contents really drain you. You may consider cutting them off, and that’s okay too.

If that happened vice-versa, never take things personally. You may have been draining their peace.

Remember that we’re living our own lives at our personal pace when using social media. Some can cut you off because you don’t add any value to their life anymore. Maybe, they cannot stand your social media content so instead of confronting you, they just cut you off.

We’re living our own lives and we can choose to cut the toxicity off to avoid any unnecessary issues. As long as you don’t have any left-out agreements with them, don’t take their actions personally. They can choose to protect their peace of mind as much as you do.

It’s not your fault that we’re not for everyone. We’re all built differently with differing values.

In keeping your circles safe, you just saved your peace of mind. Moreover, making your personal private account safe must be your first priority because we don’t want any toxicity as we embrace the rise of technology.

Furthermore, if you’re famous and still want to keep your followers updated, you can set up a public account. However, choose what you can only share. Not everything in your life deserves publicity, some precious moments are meant to be kept and protected.

All in all, use social media wisely. Choose who deserves to be in your personal life, and choose what to you want to share publicly. You may share precious moments and feel safe with your personal account by cutting people off. Always remember that having privacy is power. Keep your circles safe and protect your peace!

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