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Get to Know Hamilton through Musical: The Founding Father

Get to Know Hamilton through Musical: The Founding Father

My love of watching musical plays and movies started with Disney through broadway. It was an influence of a former classmate who is now a close friend of mine. She was so in love with broadway musicals, and I got interested too. I discovered Hamilton: The Musical when I was in Senior High School. I haven’t watched this musical live, but I watch it on pirated websites. And rewatched it again when Disney+ came to the Philippines.

The musical was created by non-other than one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda, a playwright, composer, lyricist, and actor. Talk about talent. I think he got it all!

Who is Alexander Hamilton?

Alexander is an orphan and immigrant who dreamed of having his name in history. He is a real dreamer. He became a statesman and a Founding Father, who served as the first United States Secretary of the treasury in 1789.

Why watch Hamilton: The Musical?

It’s revolutionary hip-hop! It is a transformative theatrical experience. I think most musical theater lovers dream about watching this life! It is an extreme experience of all-in-one musical, history, politics, love story, and betrayal infused with a famous American music soundtrack. Its soundtrack raps like hip-hop! Very stimulating. And I think it has one of the most inventive lyrics ever written in the history of Broadway musicals.

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Hamilton: The Musical Soundtrack Startup

Even though the soundtrack album on Spotify has it all from start to finish, the actors sing the musical’s script and lines. It feels so good when you can hear the songs while watching. So, here are some startup song guides in case you want to stimulate your mood before watching it on your Disney+.

Start your love of theater and musicals with a good one. Don’t throw away the shot!

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