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Get Hired with Lyqa Maravilla

Get Hired with Lyqa Maravilla

Are you a first-time job seeker or having a trouble landing a job? No worries! Coach Lyqa got your back and can help you get hired!

Lyqa Maravilla, RPM or better known as Coach Lyqa for her students and subscribers, is an online educational content creator, an author, a podcast host, and a resource speaker. She creates free educational content for YouTube and podcasts to help people pass aptitude tests such as the Civil Service Test, Licensure Exam for Teachers, and college admission examinations. In addition to her educational contents, she also created a series of video in her Get Hired playlist that aims to help people prepare and land a job. As a result, a growing community of her learners who call themselves Team Lyqa has emerged and came from all over the Philippines.

Here are some of Lyqa Maravilla’s videos from her Get Hired playlist to help you ace and land a job.

How To Write Your Resume

Get Hired series includes a video on how to write your resume. It involves the resume formats, its contents, and customization. In her other video, she also discusses the do’s and don’ts in writing your resume. And as for Coach Lyqa, always choose and write a resume that best describes and presents you.

Writing an excellent resume has the power to open opportunities for you. It attracts the interest of your recruiters and employers. It also allows you to market yourself and showcase your strengths and accomplishments. Additionally, it demonstrates your competency and how you qualify for a job.

Youtube | How To Write Your Resume | Team Lyqa

How To Ace That Job Interview

A new job may provide many opportunities, but the process of looking for one might be intimidating since you have to make the best possible impression by showcasing your skills, experience, and abilities. Indeed, the interview may be one of the most dreadful parts of the application process, but preparation is one of the crucial keys to boosting your confidence and helping you demonstrate why you’re the best fit for the job.

And, thanks to the likes of Coach Lyqa, who creates free videos and provides advice, insights, and tips about acing your job interviews. Undeniably, it is one of the most useful contents that help you get hired.

Youtube | How To Ace That Job Interview | Team Lyqa

Tell Me Something About Yourself

One of the most common questions in every job interview is to tell something about yourself. And some people could find this slightly stressful, even though this question might be a way to ease the tension and help you feel calmer and more comfortable throughout the interview. And sometimes, this kind of question allows your hiring manager to learn more about your personality. Thus, it requires preparation to answer this question carefully and properly.

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Apart from that, the Get Hired series also includes questions like this one and others that you may encounter during an interview. In this series, you will learn what to include in your answers, and how to properly answer the questions.

Youtube | Tell Me Something About Yourself | Team Lyqa

What to Wear To A Job Interview

The first impression lasts. It involves how you present yourself including the way you dress. In this video, Coach Lyqa gives you an idea of what type of outfits to wear in a job interview.

Youtube | What To Wear To A Job Interview

Apart from writing a resume, acing a job interview, answering interview questions, and what outfits to wear on a job interview, Coach Lyqa also discusses in her Get Hired series the things you should learn from getting a job until being at work, such as how to handle pressure, how to manage and deal with people, and the likes.

Sometimes, job hunting can be pretty discouraging. A day or a month to hear the result after an application or interview can be daunting. And the battle with the uncertainty of whether you will receive an acceptance or regret letter could also be depressing. Fortunately, there are the likes of Coach Lyqa, who generously produce and share contents that help people to ace and land a job.

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