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Four Study Myths To Debunk Once And For All

Four Study Myths To Debunk Once And For All

“Study smarter, not harder.” – Sound familiar? Many of us believe that the only way to earn excellent grades is to exhaust ourselves by doing schoolwork. But studying for an extended period of time does not always equate to the best results; studying smart does.

Take a look at these four study myths you need to debunk once and for all!



Students who “multitask” do not give each task an equal share of their focus. Instead, they switch between activities very quickly. Although we may be able to do multiple activities through switching, our efficiency in completing any one of them is likely to suffer. If you can set aside those tasks that might otherwise be distracting you while studying, you’ll be able to focus much better.

Longer study time will give you better grades.

Even if you put in a lot of time and effort, there is no guarantee that you will have a good performance on the exam. You worked hard and almost memorized your material word for word, but in the end, you didn’t get the grades you were aiming for because of the lack of comprehension of the topic. It’s not about the longer time you spend studying, but it is about the technique you incorporate into your studies.

Note-taking is a waste of time; books have summaries.


Note-taking forces you to pay attention and helps you focus in class. Taking notes is a useful study approach since it forces you to think critically about your learning rather than relying solely on the textbook’s description.

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Silence works best.


We all have different learning techniques that work for us. The learning method I use might not suit you, or vice versa. Some people are more comfortable learning with music in their backgrounds, while there are also who prefer to study in silence.

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Doing what works best for you is the smartest thing you can do for yourself.

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