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Five Small Ways To Start Your Morning Right

Five Small Ways To Start Your Morning Right

Getting up in the morning can be a real challenge. It’s like the softness of your blanket covers you like clouds and stops you from lifting your body. Ah, how comfy! Sadly, we can’t always give in to it! We have things to attend to, schedules to follow, and deadlines to beat. The key to being productive starts with good morning preparation.

Here are five small ways to start your morning right

1 | Drink water

Health experts recommend drinking water right after waking up. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in cleansing your bowels. It creates an urge to move the bowel and therefore aids in regulating your digestive system. Who would have the energy to get up and go straight to the kitchen first thing in the morning, right? Exactly. I recommend leaving a glass of water on your bedside table before sleeping. Just put a cover over it to avoid dust and dirt getting in it. Easy!

2 | Make your bed

Okay, I get it. No one’s going to see it, it’s not important, and you’re going to sleep in it at night anyway. However, this is the very first step to starting your morning right. It sets your mood to be productive, in contrast to leaving it messy and having you feeling lazy from that point on. You may not notice it, but making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. Nothing is a better motivation than knowing you have done a job right in the morning. It will inspire you to do your next task, proceed to the next, and go on.

3 | Write a journal

Waking up and trying to be productive right off the bat has the tendency to eventually ruin your mood. This will later destroy your track and could possibly end up in unproductivity at the half-end of the day. Make sure you write a journal and write down how you feel, and what you want to accomplish, as well as a to-do list to keep track of the things you have to finish. This will give you an overall idea of what your day is going to be like, and your mind will automatically start preparing for it.

4 | Workout

Don’t worry. You can work out for as long as an hour or as quickly as ten minutes. It doesn’t have to be an extreme routine! In fact, you could even do yoga, which is much more relaxing and therapeutic—perfect in the morning. If you’re not feeling it, you can just stretch or take a quick walk outside. Just get those bones and muscles moving! Physical movement boosts your mood and mind; it also improves focus and cognition. It may even be a stress reliever!

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5 | Listen to music

Do you know the advice to personalize your alarm sound with the kind that you like? Not your favorite song though, you’ll end up hating it. But, set it to a certain melody and it will affect your mood the moment you wake up in the morning. It’s the same thing with music! While you make your bed or write your journal, blast a song that you know is going to set the mood you need for a day.

We are just busy as the world is, which means that we need to take care of ourselves and prepare for all things to come. These small ways have a more significant impact than it seems. Spare a few minutes for these and a productive yet less tiring day is almost a hundred percent guaranteed.

Which small way is your favorite one to start your day right in the morning?

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