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My realizations the moment I reached my 20s

My realizations the moment I reached my 20s

Growing up, we all have ideas about how we want to see ourselves in the future. We tend to focus on the positive, such as becoming wealthy and carrying out our plans. However, everything I have imagined seems different, and when I turn twenty, I come to many realizations.

My realizations the moment I reached my 20s

Goals and plans in life.

We have so many goals in life. We make plans based on what we hope to accomplish in the future. Now I realize that it is difficult to achieve all of our goals and dreams, unlike what we thought when we were kids.

It is okay if we are not yet living our ideal future. I used to believe one should have a steady job in their twenties. They must have a lot of money and plan to have a boyfriend or a family. While I’m here, I have no money, no job, no boyfriend, and no plans to begin a family until my 30s.

I realized that getting the job you’ve always wanted is not easy. Although your child self wishes to see you succeed in the work field of your choice, you know you can’t. There are numerous reasons why our path abruptly changed.

Do not rush, take your time.

Remember that everyone has a different time frame. Some people have already achieved success, while you are still waiting. Being successful does not always imply attainment; it also includes happiness!

Love and prioritize yourself.

Know when to relax and when to push yourself to be more productive. It is essential to love yourself and take care of your health. We are not getting any younger, and there is still much to do in the future. Also, do not worry about what others think of you because it’s your life, and they have no say in it.

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Friends during my ’20s.

This is the age when you will recognize those who are loyal to you despite your flaws. You’re well aware that you should cut ties with people who only bring you down. Furthermore, you will realize that having fewer genuine friends is preferable.

No time to give up.

If you have bigger dreams for yourself and your family, you should not give up. Sacrifices are required to achieve those dreams. Many factors must be considered in order to have a better decision.

At this age, people around you have higher expectations. They are always watching you, cheering for your success but judging and discouraging you when you fail. However, in the end, it is a battle between you and yourself. Learn to accept both positive and negative criticism.

My last realization is that slow progress is better than no progress at all!

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