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Lunch with Lola: Conti’s shares delight this Grandparents Day

Lunch with Lola: Conti’s shares delight this Grandparents Day

Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant treated the lolas of Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly.

Instead of going for the usual marketing promo to celebrate Grandparents Day, Conti’s family went on to celebrate it with our beautiful lolas

The nuns of Little Sisters recently went on social media asking for some support for their residents.

Unfortunately, some grandparents are no longer with their own families, abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Beginning the season of giving with our lolas

Conti’s decided to give delight to some lolas who will not be able to celebrate with their families and make them feel loved on their very special day.

Patricia M. Tan, General Manager Conti’s and daughter of Conti’s founder, said this on our lolas,

“We begin the season of giving by honoring our beloved grandparents with our delightful Conti’s dishes, we brought celebration food sets and cakes so they can celebrate their special day. Our Grandparents deserve only the best and all the love. Let’s give reverence through a small gesture of love and care for our grandparents.”

Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant the leading bakeshop and restaurant in the Philippines has always been part of the Filipino celebrations.

For 24 years, Conti’s favorites from Baked salmon to the Mango Bravo have been witness to countless celebrations and gatherings.

The tradition of dishes is passed on from our grandparents to our children today.

Bringing warmth and memories

In a time when we lose physical connection because of the pandemic, Conti’s make it easier to share connections with memorable dishes and cakes that bring you warmth and memories of good times when you are altogether to celebrate. 

While we all learn to live in the new normal, let Conti’s cakes and dishes continue to bring you loving connections through food.

Traditions can continue even when we are physically apart.

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Moreover, it doesn’t matter if we are miles apart. Let’s celebrate delightful years of togetherness through generosity and kindness to our fellowmen.  

Happy Grandparent’s Day! May we all find a way to safely celebrate and express our love and appreciation to our lolos and lolas

If you wish to donate to our loving lolas you may coordinate with Sister Isabel (0915-486-0911).

Lastly, please be reminded that senior citizens are under the category of High Risk for Covid-19, it is advised that you properly coordinate with the volunteers for everyone’s safety. 

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