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Equals Album: My top 3 songs in Ed Sheeran’s Equals Album

Equals Album: My top 3 songs in Ed Sheeran’s Equals Album

The ginger man has already dropped his latest album in his platinum collection. Completing his mathematics symbol-inspired set of albums, Equal was released last October 29, 2021. However, Equals was unlike your typical Ed Sheeran mellow and acoustic music. Be set for a treat because here are my top 3 favorite songs in Ed Sheeran’s Equal Album. 

Bad Habits

What a shocker. This totally shocked everyone to their roots. I mean, who would have thought Ed could fly? 

Kidding aside, Bad Habits was indeed a shocker for most of Ed Sheeran’s fans. It feels like a new version of Ed Sheeran after being used to hearing him sing solemn and heart-warming songs. Showcasing an upbeat pop tune, Ed Sheeran shies away from good old country music and shifts into a more modern style approach to his songs. 

Some fans may not like Ed’s new style of singing. However, it just shows how diverse Ed Sheeran is as a performer and an artist. A perfect cool and chilling song for a person who wants to relax and have some time off.

Equal’s Sandman

I may be biased due to my addiction to little kids but this song for me is really a catchy one. Sandman, a part of the Equal album, is dedicated to Ed’s first child as a lullaby. What a perfect lullaby it was for her daughter. It feels like I am Ed’s firstborn child and that song is solely dedicated to me. 

The childlike inspired beat from the song makes this song even more catchy for my ears. I personally have not heard anything similar to this tune and beat. It is so subtle, much like what a lullaby should be. The catchy tune and heart-warming lyrics, or should I say the message for her daughter, makes it a perfect song in the Equal collection. 

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Love in Slow Motion

This song is an underrated one. In fact, saying this song is underrated is an understatement. It is so good if you are used to Ed Sheeran’s reaching high notes as if he was just whispering. I personally think it has that “Thinking Out Loud” and “Perfect” vibes to it. That is how good this song is. However, Love in Slow Motion is somewhat overlooked by other singles in the Equal album. 

The instrumental used in this song is magnificent. It just perfectly suits the atmosphere and vibe that the song gives to us. Of course, Ed’s incredible vocal range on display is just a treat on its own. I would just love to play this song while dancing with someone in a dark and solemn place. 

Equals album may be the list favorite of some people on Ed’s collection of albums. However, it still houses some of the artistry and hard work that Ed has invested in making this album a thing. If you have not heard any of these songs yet, now is your time.
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