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English Hits From the 2000s That Completed My Younger Self

English Hits From the 2000s That Completed My Younger Self

It was a sunny afternoon when my mama just fetched me from school; the dismissal was the best part of my day. I finally got to turn on our television and tune in for the 2000s hits on MTV and Channel V. If only I could go back in time to spend my noon listening to the icons. But hey, this is what YouTube is for, isn’t it?

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Grab your keys and let’s take a trip back to childhood with these 2000s hits that completed my younger self!

Akon – Don’t Matter (2006)

This song holds a humorous remembrance for me; I remember a Tagalog parody that became famous from this. As a result, I viewed Don’t Matter as a ‘jeje’ song when I was little. Nevertheless, I love how melodious this great hit is; it never gets old.

YouTube | Don’t Matter

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend (2007)

Avril will always remain my emo pop princess! Combined with a pick-me-and homewrecker type of girl, the concept of Girlfriend is truthfully toxic. Glad my younger self didn’t understand a thing, and only enjoyed the upbeat pop-punk vibe. Imma just pretend I didn’t understand the lyrics whenever I jam to this song.

YouTube | Girlfriend

Rihanna – Umbrella ft. JAY-Z (2007)

I have a confession — while I was writing this, it was also the first time I saw the music video. Throughout my childhood, I was only able to hear this song on our radios or whenever I was inside establishments. But never once did I have the curiosity to look up the MV, why? Perhaps, the catchy under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, booming through the speaker is enough for me to sing along. My life was a lie when I didn’t see her dancing under the rain, as I assume from the title!

YouTube | Umbrella

Alicia Keys – No One (2007)

This was probably the least I’ve listened to on television, among the songs on this list. For some reason, I barely hear it on music channels. And so, I make sure to grab every opportunity to tune in whenever I see it on the top 10 charts!

YouTube | No One

Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams (2008)

Queen Bey is the perfect icon of a powerful and independent woman. Just like her other music videos, Sweet Dreams holds a plain, white background, yet she effortlessly stands out. That is how powerful Beyoncé is. It is no wonder why her relevance remains a legend up until today’s generation.

YouTube | Sweet Dreams

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold (2008)

Seeing a psycho-bride manipulating her bewildered groom might not be an ideal video for a 7-year old kid. But how can I resist the icon Katy, that my younger self just couldn’t avoid Hot N Cold on screen?! I also enjoyed the polar opposites and wordplay of the lyrics. I’ll never forget how I wrote this in my notebook just so I could memorize the song, word by word.

YouTube | Hot N Cold

Taylor Swift – Love Story (2008)

Back in the day, when you hear the artist Taylor Swift, you either think of Love Story or You Belong With Me. I was contemplating on what song I should add to the list; in the end, Love Story wins my heart. This song gave me the royalty illusion that I hoped to be when I was younger. It even made me wish for my own Romeo someday (Before knowing how problematic Romeo and Juliet’s love story is). The cherry on top was how every elementary girl sang Love Story for the Music practical test, including me, obviously!

YouTube | Love Story

Justin Bieber – One Time (2009)

JB’s older songs remind me of the time when social media made a hate train for him and his tracks. Personally, I never found him corny. Not when I think his teen pop era is literally his best period that gave me too many feels! One Time is definitely not a one-time thing for me, up until this day I will stream that sh*t hard!

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YouTube | One Time

Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (2009)

I Gotta Feeling has gotta be the pop song emblem of Christmas school parties back then. I am sure every Filipino kid of my age can relate to this. This screams a good night wherein we didn’t need to think of anything else, other than just to have fun! It makes sense why this was being used on party occasions.

YouTube | I Gotta Feeling

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (2009)

Lady Gaga’s concepts, especially in the 2000s, are ahead of her time. Honestly speaking, everyone was weirded out by her back then, but look at her now. Truly slaying as a phenomenal MOTHER in today’s time, that had everyone kneeling down! I applaud my younger self for appreciating an unconventional approach. Because of Bad Romance, I was able to enjoy a quirky and outstanding queen.

YouTube | Bad Romance

‘01 babies, where you at?! Looking back, I had a music taste that sometimes isn’t suitable for my young age. It’s quite funny to think how I never cared for the lyrics and explicit scenes in the music videos. As long as the music slaps, I will instantly bop to the beat!

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Longing for the familiar

Listening to this music generation feels like coming home to a familiar warmth that my inner child is looking for. Admittedly, I barely listen to the latest English hits, when I’d rather stream the older music of my childhood. A possible reason might be my attachment issues, and maybe that’s how some of my age feels too.

Do you have a favorite hit from the 2000s? Comment down below what it is!

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