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Check out these adorable Korean style tattoos for your next ink!

Check out these adorable Korean style tattoos for your next ink!


Thinking of the next or first-ever design for your tattoo? Sure, there’s Pinterest, but have you seen these K-style tattoos people have been raving online lately? They are the cutest and most intricate we’ve encountered and our body is itching to get inked with these soon!

Instagram is home to many talented artists and we’ve sourced again some who create out of the box results and they are Korean tattoo artists! Their works showcase more colorful than usual, featuring abstracts and delicate lines.

via @bona_tattoo on Instagram

We’ve found six of them, each unique in approach and field, for your next visit to the tattoo shop!

via @02percentof02 on Instagram

These artists don’t normally go for the black ink that much as they enjoy adding splashes of colors in their designs, almost comparable to that of watercolor painting! If you’re kind of kikay and extra, we sure think you should give this a try.

via @playground_tat2 on Instagram

Despite its vibrant vibe, they keep it minimalist, which is perfect for those who want to keep it discreet and yet worth the buck. You can choose from their wide selection of dainty designs, depending on your size preference.

Moreover, Korean tattoo artists like the challenge of delicate art, as they combine their expertise in drawing lines and combining colors while at it. No doubt that the outcome will appear striking to the eye, whether it’s big or small.

via @tae_i_monde on Instagram

You name it, flowers, shapes, doodles, and even the tiniest commission pieces, they can make it eye-candy!

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