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Valentino’s ‘Of Grace And Light’ is ethereal and astonishing

Valentino’s ‘Of Grace And Light’ is ethereal and astonishing

Of Grace And Light — the exhibition of Pierpaolo Piccioli the creative director of the House of Maison Valentino. The house was established by Valentino Garavani, an Italian fashion designer in 1960. He carried the brand personality in fashion while he was known for his haute couture and impressive dresses, bags, and shoes.

Piccioli took over the house in 1999 and he carried the vision of Garavani. As the creative director, Piccioli celebrates Valentino’s 60th year with an exhibition in collaboration with artist Nick Knight.

Photo from FR Daily News


Valentino 60th Year: Surreal madness

The set was surreal madness as they let the couture pieces to suspend in the air by using harness. The presentation’s story is a mixture of darkness and grace. They made the background fade to black while the couture garment pops out its color to demonstrate the emotion. It brings emotion of virtueparticularly an imagination with feeling at the same time glamorousness.


Photo from FR Daily News

The garments were all in color white and filled up with feathers, whereas the models wore a metallic inner wear. The pieces are put with embellishment that interprets the rest of the brand.

The exhibition is ethereal and astonishing. Piccioli gives a shivering feeling while he embellishes us with an ethereal presentation.

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