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Best Things I Learned from Watching Thai Series

Best Things I Learned from Watching Thai Series

As someone who considers herself a busy person, binge-watching flicks like Thai Series, can be pretty liberating. This means pausing for a moment, taking a break, and savoring every part of what I am watching. During these moments, I exert effort to give my full attention to a particular show. I allow myself to keep entertained and learn from the narratives they present. Take, for instance, how I became interested in Thai Series when I was first introduced to it by one of my closest friends, and now here I am, loving them.

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Thai Series, like that of Korean Drama counterparts, became a big thing in the previous years, especially amid the pandemic. The country Thailand, from which it originated, lies at the center of Southeast Asia. Besides its prosperous and highly regarded culture, it also introduced quality works that can stand out worldwide. When people had to undergo quarantine at home, these became a beam of comfort. On a personal note, it all showed a whole new perspective I can truly and forever cherish.

Let us now get a glimpse of the best things I learned from watching these.

I learned about Thai people and instantly fell in love

Filipinos are widely distinguished for having a warm and genuine attitude towards people of different nations. It is accurate, and for that recognition, we are indeed grateful. However, when I got the chance to stumble upon the Siamese people of Thailand, it felt like love at first sight. Thai people embody this unique character one will certainly not forget. I witnessed their friendliness, authenticity, and why their country is called the Land of Smiles, albeit on screens.

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I became accustomed to Thai culture

Through letting myself become absorbed by the Thai Series, such as The Gifted, Project S: The Series, The Mind Game, Full House (Thai Adaptation), My Forever Sunshine, and many more, I somehow managed to understand what it is like to be living in Thailand. It seemed that the culture presented in these series transcends the invisible borders. Everything my eyes have seen has brought comfort and familiarity as if it was reaching out to someone from afar like me.

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I acquired a deeper understanding of love in the Thai Series

The Thai Series exhibited various plots that are kind of universal. From lakorns or soap operas, comedies, horrors, thrillers, and even the Boys Love (BL) genre are diverse in this aspect. Although, at the moment, the BL series is the most popular and watched across the world, therefore, gaining tremendous market attention. As what the name suggests, this portrays male actors depicting their unconventional, romantic love for one another. Some of these BL Thai Series are 2gether: The Series, Sotus, and Bad Buddy, which all brought the local and international viewers into a community that is more open and accepting of this particular matter. 

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Photo Source: Otakukart

Are there any other Thai Series that you also binge-watched, too? How do these masterpieces affect you and your point of view? Share your thoughts with Village Pipol!

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