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Best of Tiktok Creators: My favorite videos of Charlize Ruth (@charuth)

Best of Tiktok Creators: My favorite videos of Charlize Ruth (@charuth)

Charlize Ruth Tiktok

One of the platforms that continue to emerge nowadays is the app called Tiktok. Here, creators with brilliant content seek to entertain viewers of all ages. With a video of only 15 seconds to 3 minutes, you can already become an internet superstar.

That’s why I decided to create a series of four articles featuring four of my favorite funny Pinoy content creators. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna feature their videos that made me laugh the most.

In this one, we have Charlize Ruth. Her content revolves around the reenactment of some random Pinoy experiences. Most especially, though, of a young adult.

Photo from Charlize Ruth’s Instagram (@charuth)

She has videos ranging from a young girl trying to barter with a seller in the market to being filmed for an Instagram story for more than the expected duration

The creator already has 174,000 followers. In fact, what’s amazing is that her views range from a hundred thousand to a million.

Terror teacher in the faculty room

This video is one that makes my eyes roll when I see it, but of course, laugh as well. She captures the personality of that one prof you just don’t like to deal with. In other words, pigil-pigil.

Mom who puts words in your mouth when talking to amigas

That horror when your mom blurts things that “you said” to her kumares for her own advantage. Therefore, you can’t help but awkwardly smile.

That one friend who continuously records you for an IG story

There will always be that one time when a friend records you more than the usual duration of being filmed for an IG story. As a result, it makes you uncomfortable and awkward.

Barter in the local market

When you failed on doing tawad or asking the seller in the market to lower the price. Meanwhile, your mom doesn’t even need to exert effort.

Face ID problems

And of course, my favorite, don’t you just hate it when your face ID doesn’t recognize you because of your facial expression? But you have no other choice but to look silly.

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