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Andrea So: A Character of Innocence, Elegance, and Power

Andrea So: A Character of Innocence, Elegance, and Power

Who would ever forget the year 2020? One second we were all living our daily lives and the next thing we know we can’t do anything else but go online. It was around the first quarter of the same year, our main character, the 22-year-old Andrea Nicole So that netizens began to recognize her content creation journey.

Andrea So: A Character of Innocence, Elegance, and Power

Her mind is like a garden, home to a variety of flora and fauna. Each seed waiting for its moment to bloom among the others on different platforms. The soil is her brain, rich and well, allowing blossoms to flourish.

Characters are alive and breathing like freshly bloomed flowers. Everyone is unique and exquisite. Fertile with an infinite mulch of creativity, and watered by her passion for writing and creation. Her ideas are never meant to wither.

Once upon a time, she was just humbly building her algorithms. She did a few trendy dance challenges on TikTok, subtle Instagram photos and stories here and there, and short cute YouTube vlogs. A few years go by and the seed planted has started to form into a bud.


#pov introducing the princess, pirate king’s daughter, faery and agent red

♬ sonido original – 𝐌𝐞𝐳𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬

Gently digging herself out healthily from the ground, bit by bit growing, day and night glowing. Brands have started to notice and send gifts and offer endorsements reflecting on some of her videos. The magic dust of fame is starting to sprinkle on her career as she keeps on creating content, mostly with her characters.

Faerie: The Innocence

The giggles of the blooming grass after the longest winters. The tiny Faerie is up making the flowers bloom from the coldness of the ground. Yet, opposite to the small physique is the biggest of the heart and flashing smile. 

In the depths of the forest, there lies a pond of innocence. Water is rather the clearest, that of purity and comparable to holiness. Surrounded by lilies, white as they can be. Present are fishes swimming rather playfully, entertaining dear Faerie.

A soft honey voice just like the warmth of sunset glancing at a walking poet. Oh, how innocently sweet Andrea made the Faerie out to be. She is the most ‘crybaby’ but never a meanie. The Faerie is always beaming like a yellow sunflower.

Smiling and blushing and goofing around, contagious happy energy, with a curious character and genuine heart. Magic is that her eyes gleamed with sincerity and cuteness in every story. 

Royal Princess: The Elegance

A royal is to be treated accordingly, with glamour and with nobility. With the dazzling diamonds and shiny gold on her crown comes the gravity of responsibility. No matter the weight, she carries on tall and proud.

There is blue blood coursing cold in the veins of the Royal Princess. She wears velvet sheets of wisdom at a young age and satin silk that screams beauty and authority. Polished movements of etiquette with every step.

Elegance is not for everyone, but for a noble, it should be like the air they breathe in and out. Her knowledge comes from golden books, and the luxury of grace was worn, or else she would be naked.

Like a jasmine cut neatly on the stem, she is to flaunt as elegant as she has to be. Behold, for she stands tall, the Royal Princess displaying beauty and elegance as she walks.

Sometimes, there would be a queen, a king, or a prince in the #POV, but we focus on the Princess who caught us with her demanding eyes and ruling hands. Another one of the oldest characters but still lived on Andrea’s contents up to today.

Agent Red: The Power

Red means love, they say. In different cultures, red is for roses and sweet love letters, and good luck. Red lipstick for the beauty and confidence one wishes to have. And when petals die, and when heart-shaped envelopes are torn into half, and when the tint gets smudged, they all turn bad.

A rose is red because one tried to steal it from its thorns. Power comes in many forms. It can be when someone holds a gun in front of everyone, the loud voice of someone, the strength others put into action, the raging water on the river, or the wind knocking everything over.

Blows of the wind can be as powerful to snatch petals and leaves and branches from the living. But like in Mulan, the emperor said that no matter how the wind howls, mountains cannot bow to it, and that is again, power.

They said red is a color that you should be afraid of, it carries all the negative and strong emotions that one sometimes wishes to possess and for others wants to escape. Once you see the color red, power is guaranteed for she is the best agent. The favorite of the majority is the hot and spicy, Agent Red.

We have witnessed how her story began. Andrea was a bit cruel with this character, don’t you think? She erased her memories before she became Agent Red. Nevertheless, we love how she attacks, protects, and carries on. The fierce and the powerful with a genuine heart and killer eyes.


#pov the agend asks his partner to talk to the target during the mission

♬ A Gangster’s Wife – Ms. Krazie

Andrea is not just a character

Her eyes shine with every story she writes. The #POV are the juicy fruits of her talents and passion that are loved dearly by many. One of the proofs is the number of followers she has today. Her accounts, from a humble couple to hundreds into (as of this writing) 1.31M Youtube subscribers, 440K followers on Instagram, and 8.9M watchers on Tiktok.

After some time, the once seed that became a sprout finally bloomed as an enchanting flower. Alluring her viewers to stay, to be trapped in her different universes of characters. Captured by those sweet yet spicy smiles. The shades of her lips bounce from the spectrum of each character she portrays. The love-tinted cheeks and cute tiny antics hooked us up, making hearts flutter beyond the screens.

Andrea So is not just a character or content creator, she is an artist.

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