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Actress-Entrepreneur Kris Bernal shares lessons she has learned this quarantine

Actress-Entrepreneur Kris Bernal shares lessons she has learned this quarantine


This quarantine period makes us rethink life — at some point, motivating people to reflect, change, and grow. Actress and entrepreneur Kris Bernal took to Instagram to share the lessons she has learned in this time of isolation.

Kris and her life lessons

“I may not be loving the quarantine life but I am loving the quarantine life lessons,” she wrote.


Kris, then, enumerated 10 life lessons that are essential to learn this pandemic.

1. Live each day as your last. Don’t take it for granted, use it, be grateful for it.
2. Just take it day-by-day. It’s not a race. There’s no competition!
3. Reflect and reinvent your life.
4. Nobody has the same quarantine experience. Connect with kindness, understanding, and empathy.
5. Explore business opportunities online
6. No work, no pay! It’s very important to have an emergency fund!
7. Life is short so EAT! EAT! EAT!
8. You find out who your real friends are
9. Find contentment in all things
10. Trust in the Lord with all your heart

At the end of her post, she also asked her followers what are the lessons they have learned in this crisis.


Last May 17, Kris celebrated her 31st birthday. She recently got engaged with her longtime non-showbiz boyfriend, Choi Perry.

A part-time vlogger

Aside from being an actress and entrepreneur, Kris is now certified YouTube vlogger. She just received her SilverPlay Button for reaching more than 100, 000 subscribers in just couple of months.

“So crazy to think that in two months my YouTube channel has already reached 100k subscribers.  I’m so humbled by your support SHE-zums as I’ve worked hard over the past months creating contents on how it is to be a “One Woman Team”. Thank you for tuning in considering my inconsistency in uploading videos.  Kailangan ko lang po talaga ng maraming oras at pahinga. Kapit lang, SHE-zums! This is not just a piece of metal. This is my blood, sweat, passion, struggles, and sleepless nights. Thank you for appreciating. I actually donated my first YT income. Wala pa akong 100k subs noon pero naisip ko ibigay ko na lang sa isang animal welfare organization.”


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