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8 Different Types Of College Professors

8 Different Types Of College Professors

When you are in high school, I bet you are also scared of the thought of college. Imagine the new environment, the more complicated subjects, the unfamiliar looks and faces, and of course, the intimidating professors.

They have the biggest share of how your university life would turn out. The professors who will ought you to realize if you are taking the right path. Or if not, who will direct you to the right one. If you think that professors are all the same, brace yourself because they are not. Prepare yourself to experience the mixture of personalities of a college educator.

8 Different Types Of College Professors

The Typical

Starting with the typical type of professor. They are the oriented ones – they give the amount of workload just right with the assigned deadline. You can please them concerning activities, but make sure to know your limits.

The Sunshine

The sunshine professors are the ones who smile after greeting them. They have this light, relaxing aura that you can see as they pass through the corridors. If you have professors like them, the class for sure would be a lot easier.

The Funny

As cliche as it may sound, the funny professors are those who make the classroom a fun place to learn. Not only do they include jokes during a discussion, but they have a way of naturally bringing the class into a laugh. Professors like them are those updated on the current trends and try to add such stuff in every conversation.

The Friendly

The friendly professors are almost the same as your age. You two share the same worldview and topics to talk about. You follow each other on Instagram, you are friends on Facebook, and you send each other pleasantries on significant days. At school, you two have a professional relationship, but once you leave the campus, you two are just normal friends.

The Rapper

The rapper professors are those who speak like the time is always running. They explain lessons as if they are rap verses in a song. When they ask if you understand what they said, you will just say “yes”, with the fear of listening to the same thing. They will make you question yourself if it was you who are slow-minded or if the real world is just built that way.

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The Scary

The scary professors are those with eyes burning. They love surprise quizzes and recitations right after class discussions. It was their pleasure to see students trembling while sorting the index card of names like it was playing cards for a monkey game. You will not want to meet them – I guess.

The No-Show

The no-show professors are those you only get to see three to five times in the whole semester. They always have this excuse of personal matters or meeting with the board’s thingy. If they show twice in a row – maybe they cannot come up with an excuse anymore.

The Show-Off

The show-off professors are those who I hate the most. They said to share their achievements to inspire us, but it happen to be bragging. Like, it doesn’t sound right anymore. If that was their way of inspiring students, I guess it was way too much.

While they have different approaches and styles of teaching, they will for sure leave a mark on our college experience. Be it bad or good, it was all to get us ready once we enter the real world of practice.  

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