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7 Wise Words from BTS JIN to Live By

7 Wise Words from BTS JIN to Live By

Kim Seokjin, the “hyung” of BTS, is known for his goofy antics and ‘dad jokes’, plus the windshield wiper sound-like laugh. But beyond the world-class handsome face rests the treasure of positive words and amazing life principles.

Let us pin seven of my favorite fine words from Kim Seokjin that help me, and many fans, to get through the day.

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1. “If something goes well, please, praise yourself.”

Starting with this line from a 2018 V Live. A line that comes from a man known for his hardships and success, little wins matter.

2. “Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.”

Who would forget the nerve-wracking “Break the Silence” Movie from 2020? One of Bangtan’s tour documentaries where they voice out their thoughts about being an idol and their point-of-view of their life.

3. “Only you have to know how hard you work.”

As the man and his team fought for their way to success, we only see a few sides of their story. His words from Season’s Greetings 2016 reflect that.

4. “People succeed when others say negative things.”

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From Run BTS! Ep. 37 back in 2018. As soft as gentle he can be, out caring Jin-hyung can also give fierce statements that can make us go “mic drop”.

5. “You’re not dumb. You can learn.”

From his last V Live with RM and Jimin of BTS. And when he says it, he says it. Periodt.

6. “Society is always seeking out the things that are useful. And that’s good, too, but for our own sake, I think we require time to find stability in our minds, even if it looks useless in the eyes of others.”

Louder for the people at the back! Their Weverse Magazine interviews always hit differently, this one was from that of 2021.

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7. “I’m the one I should love in this world…”

Epiphany from Love Yourself: Answer album, one of his great and iconic solos. This one may sound narcissistic, but as the chorus continues in Korean, it translates “The shining me, the precious soul in me… It’s not perfect, but it’s so beautiful” Now, how can we argue that self-love is selfish?

Today is a world where we tend to follow everyone’s flow even if we end up being exhausted. It’s okay to breathe and take breaks. Kim Seokjin speaks from experience, and as a fellow human being, his words hit hard. These words are, even if we don’t admit them, the ones we need to hear sometimes. It’s okay, okay?

That’s all for today’s 7 wise words from our Seokjinnie, who do you want to hear from next?

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