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5 Habits of Unproductive People You Should Avoid

5 Habits of Unproductive People You Should Avoid

When you’re at the top of your game, it’s easy to be productive. After all, you have plenty of things to do and no time constraints. But once you start slipping back down the ladder—or worse yet, when you’re starting from scratch—you need to figure out what habits are holding you back from achieving your goals. Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds! In fact, there are five main habits that most unproductive people share:

1. Wasting time on social media

Social media is a time waster. It’s one of the habits of unproductive people. It’s a distraction from the things you need to do and the people you need to talk with, as well as your goals.

In fact, social media might be one of the worst ways to waste your time because it can be very addictive! You may think that checking Facebook will help you feel less lonely or get some work done, but in reality, all it does is make you feel worse about yourself and makes it harder for others around you to notice anything good about themselves either (which means no one else gets any joy out of seeing what happens when someone puts themselves up on social media).

2. Waiting until the last minute to complete projects

A very common habit of unproductive people. Waiting until the last minute to complete projects is a bad habit. It’s also a sign of laziness, poor time management, poor planning and prioritization skills, and weak self-discipline. The reason why so many people do this is that they want to avoid dealing with the stress of completing their work before the deadline.

Time management is really hard but one of the keys to finishing all the tasks you have. So, if you’re not able to finish on time or at all, then you’re essentially wasting valuable time that could have been used for other things—like enjoying yourself or spending quality time with family members (or even just going out for coffee).

3. Checking email too often

Checking email too often can lead to stress and anxiety. If you’re checking email too often, you’re not focused on what you’re doing. You’ll find yourself constantly distracted from what’s most important in life: work, family, and friends (and a healthy diet).

Checking email also takes up time that could be spent working on your project or getting things done around the house instead of spending hours staring at a screen in front of your computer waiting for an answer back from your boss or your professor.

4. Being a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can be a good thing. It means that you’re striving for excellence, and you want to do things right the first time. This oftentimes becomes a habit of unproductive people. Hence, it can also lead to overwork, stress, and anxiety—not exactly what you want in your life.

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The trick to being productive without being overly committed or driven by deadlines is knowing when enough is enough.

5. Living in fear of failure

Fear of failure is a common problem. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you’re afraid to fail, then you’ll settle for mediocrity and never achieve your dreams. You might think this is only true for people who are in their twenties or thirties, but it can apply to anyone at any age. What you need to do is accept responsibility for every outcome in life – every good thing that happens comes from within yourself; every bad thing happens because someone else made choices differently than yours did.

None of these habits will get you closer to your goals

If you want to be productive, set goals and work hard for them. If you want to be positive and healthy, eat right and exercise regularly—have productive habits. The bottom line is that our lives are filled with so much more than just work. You need to find time for family and friends, hobbies, fitness, sleep, and any other activities you enjoy. If your life feels like one long grind, then it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate how you’re spending your time.

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