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Best Jackie Chan movies every action fan should watch

Best Jackie Chan movies every action fan should watch

Who dares talk about action films without mentioning the name Jackie Chan at the very least? It’s illegal not to mention this talented 68-years old actor who started as a stuntman and paved his way with humor and punchlines.

Heavy stunts, perfect action flow, and beautiful plot stories with a side of comedic acts. What could an action fan wish that the legendary actor, Jackie Chan couldn’t give? He got it all. Looks, personality, talents, principles, and even a sense of humor. An actor with the personality of a prince and a pure heart as an angel. Sounds just like a movie right?

Jackie Chan is known for his daredevil stunts that vary from fast action scenes to jumping off a cliff or a building. This multi-talented actor has broken over hundred bones and got his head bled a thousand times. But still continued to serve nerve-wrecking action films that would surely satisfy an action fan in any way possible. 

New to action films with a pinch of gag and comedy? These are the best Jackie Chan films every newbie action fan should watch!

Drunken Master 2 (1994)

When you found out that some foreigners living in your country are trying to smuggle pieces of artifacts, what would you do? 

Photo: asianfilmclub

Drunken Master follows a story of a famous martial artist and physician, Wong Fei-hung in 20th Century China. Fei-hung is a good and playful son to his father. But he hides all his antics with the help of his stepmother, Ling.

The film opens up with Jackie Chan facing Lau Kar-leung after finding out that the latter stole his ginseng. What seemed a misunderstanding would soon lead Chan in discovering how the British foreigners smuggled Chinese Artifacts. In order to save his country’s precious treasures, Chan would team up with Lau Kar-leung.

Now that the odds are on Chan’s side, he only has two options to pick from. Be the good son as what his father perceived of him. Or let out the drunken master within him to get back the treasures of his country. 

This film is considered to be one of the best films of Jackie Chan and seems like it is true for many reasons. The humor, stunts, and action are all on point. Especially the fight between Chan and the Axe Gang. The choreography of the fight would surely left you with mouth wide open and hands clapping non-stop.

The characters are well-balanced, especially Fei-hung’s strict father and silly stepmother. Actors delivered their roles perfectly and with Chan’s delivery of the playful Wong Fei-hung, this film is a masterpiece. And not only that, the sociopolitical approach of the film proved that it deserved to be on this best movie list. 

It takes a ‘shot’ to be a drunken master for Fei-hung. But it would only take one watch to be hooked to Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master. So what are you waiting for?

Mr. Nice Guy

Everyone has their buttons and limits to being nice. What would you do when a group of unknown thugs and goons one day chase you? Would you remain compose and talk nicely? Or would you rather fight in order to save your life and the people around you?

Photo: IMDb

Directed by the talented Sammo Hung, Mr. Nice Guy follows a story of a TV chef Jackie who bumps into an investigative journalist. Diana happened to record a footage of a cocaine deal gone wrong. Without knowing that their tapes got switched during the chase, Jackie helped the journalist escape from the thugs. 

Convinced that Jackie has the tape, the group of mobsters continue to chase him. The next day, Jackie comes to work that would soon be disturbed by the thugs who were looking for the video tape.

Mr. Nice Guy has an amazing sequence of fight scenes, stunts and action flow that is good for a beginner action film fan to watch. With the direction of Sammo Hung and Jackie’s perfect delivery of different stunts, this film would surely hook you within the first few minutes into the movie.

Armour of God

An action adventure with heavy stunts and a touch of history and laughter. Jackie Chan ventures into his inner Indiana Jones as he takes on his role as a fortune-hunter of exotic antiquities in this movie.

Photo: IMDb

Armour of God follows the story of an Asian hawk as he took on a journey to save his ex-girlfriend. The film opened up with Jackie being chased by a tribe after getting his hands on a piece of the legendary Armour of God. A magical suit back in the Crusades. Soon a Satan-worshiping cult would kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, Lorelei. Eventually, they would demand the sword and the other pieces of the Armour of God. 

With Lorelei’s current fiance asking Jackie to help, he would find himself in the caves of armed hooded members of the cult. Where he would need to fight for his dear life in order to get out safely with Lorelei and the rest of the group. 

Jackie Chan is known not only for his stunts and action sequences, but also in terms of directing and screenplay. The Armour of God is one of the films that Chan himself directed. Loaded with action and stunts that would surely entice and left the viewers with their mouths wide open. Armour of God is one of the best action films that you would ever watch that would leave you laughing while admiring Chan’s physical abilities. 

This 1986 HongKong-adventure film would surely make you want more from Jackie Chan and his crazy life-threatening stunts.

First Strike

If you are to go to a country you have never been to just to surveillance a suspected accessory to some heinous crime, would you be able to do it? Would you be able to swim into an ice water and come face to face with a shark? Or be chased to the edge of a building for the sake of your duty?

Photo: IMDb

As the fourth installment of the Police Story series, Jackie works hand-in-hand with the CIA to capture a woman. This woman would serve as a key information to the missing nuclear warhead. 

The plot finds Jackie presenting the information that the Hong Kong police gather about a woman named Natasha. Knowing that he would only surveillance the mysterious Natasha on a plane to Ukraine, Jackie agrees to help them. But soon Inspector Chan would find himself in the land of Koalas, fighting for his dear life while chasing the man who is responsible for the missing nuclear warhead. 

Having won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Action Choreography, First Strike is a good film if you really wanted to see how Chan does almost all his stunts. But in all honesty, First Strike might not possess a unique story when it comes to police investigating a crime. With the character of Chan Ka Kui, this might appear like a typical action film who circles around the heroine and saving the world from danger.

But what makes a Jackie Chan action film better than the others, is that it was never bloody to begin with. Chan amazed the viewers with his stunts and fight choreography rather than a gruesome battle. And most of the time, his characters would choose to fight by fists instead of some crazy firearms.

Rumble in the Bronx

Imagine a scenario where you would only go to the USA to attend a wedding of your close uncle. And everything is going smoothly according to the plans, but then you got chased by a group of thugs. Quite a vacation, isn’t it? 

Photo: Bsay Design

Rumble in the Bronx is a story of Keung from HongKong who goes to Bronx, New York to attend his uncle’s wedding. Trying to protect the car for tomorrow’s wedding, Keung got tangled up with a group of thugs racing in the streets of the Bronx. After beating up men who tried to steal from his uncle’s market, he got more tangled up with the hoodlums, chasing him every time they would encounter him. 

As if his welcoming party was not enough, Keung got mixed up with a crime boss named White Tiger. Now he has to retrieve back the diamonds in order to save his life and his friends’ lives. 

Rumble in the Bronx has the signature Jackie Chan taste. Action sequences, daredevil and complicated stunts. Fistfights rather than bloody shootouts and of course a side of humor and comedic acts. Intended for the ‘international’ viewers and market, Rumble in the Bronx is indeed a successful film. This film of Chan is his breakthrough to the American audience and became a huge hit upon its release in the States. 

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And we all know Jackie Chan, he would use everything and anything in the middle of his fights. Be it a long wooden stick, a sofa, or even a shopping cart, and a broken refrigerator. In this 1996 action movie, Jackie’s style is very evident even right into the few minutes of the movie. 

Rumble in the Bronx won in the 15th Hong Kong Films Awards in 1996 as the Best Action Choreography. In which Chan later wrote in his autobiography ‘Never Grow Old’, “And just like that I was a big star in America after 15 years of trying.” 

With Chan being the stunt director of the film, what more could we expect from the legend himself?

Police Story

From being a hero and a model police officer to a kidnapper and a killer. What would you do if one day you are blamed for a crime you did not commit? Would you fight for what is right? Or would you just accept it and wait for the justice to speak for itself? 

Photo: IMDb

Police Story follows Kevin Chan and his pursuit in uncovering the truth about his colleague’s death. After successfully capturing a drug lord, Kevin must protect the only key person to the case, Selina. But while trying to protect the state witness, Kevin would soon find himself framed for the murder of a dirty cop. Now he has no other choice but to run and prove his innocence to clear his name. 

As stated in his autobiography, Chan considers the 1985 film as his best action film throughout his entire career. It features Jackie Chan’s combat style and presents a unique kind of action flow that was fresh by that time. Using the surroundings as a source of weapons and tools, a mixture of gag and heavy stunts. There’s no doubt, Jackie’s Police Story is really one of his greatest works. 

Police Story might be a classic especially to the modern generation, but having it compared to the action films of this time? I’m pretty sure this 1985 action film can stand a fight. As it would not only punch us with some crazy stunts but would give us a Jackie Chan blow right from the start.

And what can I say? This is indeed a great film to watch. Especially to a newbie action fan who wants to feast on the meat and potatoes of Jackie Chan’s great works.

Rush Hour

Who says different people cannot work together? A Hong Kong detective must partner up with a careless and chatterbox LAPD in order to save a little girl. Would he be able to adapt to his new partner’s personality or would it only lead to more trouble and misunderstanding?

Rush Hour follows a story of Lee (Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong police officer as he tries to save Soo Young, his student who got kidnapped. But in order to save the girl, Lee must rely on his so-called partner, James Carter (Chris Tucker) from the LAPD. Carter and Lee would soon discover that the mastermind of the kidnapping is Juntao, a crime boss who likes to collect precious artifacts from all over the world.

Photo: IMDb

When Soo Young got kidnapped, Lee had no other choice but to lend his expert hands to the FBI in order to save his student from the hands of Juntao.

As expected from a Jackie Chan film, Rush Hour once again showed his amazing physical abilities and beautiful action choreography. Although the film was directed and produced by an American team, the style and uniqueness of Chan’s action-comedy film still remain. 

Having won the MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Duo, Tucker and Chan would surely make our stomach hurt while laughing our gums off. A fantastic chemistry between the west and the east. Rush Hour is a must-watch Jackie Chan film that you surely would not want to miss.

Jackie Chan is indeed a living legend that has served over 200 pieces of great works. Although he might be too old to be doing another stunt, it’s not too late to know him. But first, make the introduction by watching some of his films. Careful, do not try any Jackie stunt at home, it’s for professionals only!

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