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YouTube tests time-specific emoji reactions on videos

YouTube tests time-specific emoji reactions on videos

Sometimes, YouTube videos deserve more than a thumbs up. Recently, YouTube has announced that they started testing a new feature called ‘timed reactions.’ This, on the other hand, allows users to share a reaction. Of course, these include a smiley face or confetti emoji at a precise moment in a video.

YouTube tests time-specific emoji reactions on videos

The ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ buttons on YouTube currently remain one of the site’s key measures of engagement. However, sometimes a video deserves feedback with a more degree of modulation. This displays anonymized emoji reactions, in a similar way to Facebook Live or Twitch.

YouTube also currently pilots timed reactions with a small number of channels to start with.

However, it will expand the feature depending on its reception. Users will also have an array of emoji reactions to choose from. Aside from that, it also includes the crying laughing face, a heart, the shocked face, the celebration party poppers, the 100 emoji, a question mark, the idea light bulb, and for some reason, a screaming cat.

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This gives viewers a new way to interact with videos. The timed reactions feature, on the other hand, will allow YouTube creators to have more detailed user feedback. These will also allow creators to know which parts remain impactful.

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