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Your next Samsung phone may not come with a charger too

Your next Samsung phone may not come with a charger too

Whenever Apple makes a crazy move on their iPhones, other brands follow. From removing the headphone jack, adding a notch on the display, and now to the alleged excluding of charger from their iPhone boxes.

As a result, Samsung may also do the same thing on their future Galaxy smartphones. According to a report from Korean news site ETNews, Samsung is considering to remove chargers from the box starting next year. The company will allegedly exclude them to reduce the cost of their future smartphones. Most people already have a charger lying around anyway so this could be a good move. However, those who don’t already have one may need to buy a new one separately.

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If you can recall, there are also rumors about Apple not including a charger with their upcoming iPhone 12. Some say that the company is doing this not only to reduce the cost of their products, but to also prepare consumers for a port less future iPhone. On a good note, this move can reduce e-waste produced by tech companies yearly. Therefore, this helps the environment and the health of people from local communities.

What are your thoughts about companies not including chargers with their new phones?


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