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Upcoming iPhone 12 May No Longer Come with a Charger in the Box

Upcoming iPhone 12 May No Longer Come with a Charger in the Box


Imagine saving up your hard-earned money to get your next iPhone. You waited for years and skipped models because you feel like there’s not much innovation. Finally, the year has come when Apple will release an iPhone equipped with 5G – a feature that makes it future-ready. You were so excited to unbox it. Until you realize that something’s missing in the box, an important accessory that will power the device: the charger.

It won’t ship with the EarPods too.

This rumor has been circulating online since reliable Apple analyst Ming Ching-Kuo mentioned it in a research note. Kuo said that the iPhone 12 will not ship with the charger, not even the slower 5-watt adapter. If this rumor is true, this will be the second time Apple will make a “courageous” decision after removing the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 in 2016. It would be pretty weird to only see an iPhone and nothing else when you unbox it because the wired lightning EarPods will also not be included in the package. However, it’s still unclear if only the base model iPhone 12 or the entire series won’t include the charger.

Photo Credit: PhoneArena

But it will support 20-watt fast charging.

I would understand if people get upset because not everyone has an extra charger lying around. The inclusion of 5G has made the iPhone 12 series expensive to produce so the theory to remove the charger is one way to avoid passing down high production costs to the consumers. Either way, people will have to shell out extra money if they decide to get the faster 20-watt charging adapter. Reports say that the company will discontinue production of their 18-watt USB-C adapter and 5-watt adapter in favor of the faster charging technology.

What are your thoughts about the exclusion of the power adapter? Will you still buy an iPhone 12 a la carte?

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