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You should try U-Belt students’ favorite puto bumbong in P. Campa!

You should try U-Belt students’ favorite puto bumbong in P. Campa!

Bustling through the streets after class feels familiar, yet, at the same time, it is not. As the face-to-face classes gradually resume, the busy streets are once again lively. Just like how P. Campa Street near Far Eastern University and the University of Sto. Tomas has camped again with affordable and mouth-watering foods for students! At the corner of Padre Campa and Delos Reyes St., I heard the familiar whistle and aroma of puto bumbong that is being cooked. Nostalgia hits when there used to be long lines of people waiting to buy this Filipino delicacy. Then, it turns out I am just early when I went, for students still fall in line when near 7 PM. 

You should try U-Belt students’ favorite puto bumbong in P. Campa!

The Famous Puto Bungbong at Bibingka stall

Photo | Erika Martinez

A small stall along the street that you’ll keep coming back for. They sell puto bumbong, as well as bibingka which is PHP 40. However, popular among students is the former which costs either PHP 25 for three pieces, while PHP 55 gives you six pieces. As puto bumbong signifies the Filipino Christmas season, your ber months will never be complete if you have not tried this out in P. Campa!


Time to eat!

Photo | Erika Martinez

I bought puto bumbong. And, let me tell you. It tastes like it did when I tried it out before the pandemic. When you avail this classic delicacy, you’ll get a tasteful and sticky puto bumbong that will make you say, quality! It has a lot of condensed milk, sprinkled with grated coconut and cheese. I even have a friend who tried it for the first time in her life— and she definitely liked it!

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A classic Christmas snack that feels like home.

No wonder, many students buy this even though there is a wide variety of foods to choose from in P. Campa. It’s affordable and a perfect snack to eat after class. From the pricing to the serving, nothing has changed. Furthermore, it makes me feel like I’m back home in the province when I hear the whistling of the bamboo pipes. It’s definitely a feeling that many college students miss when they study away from home.

So, if you are a student or just near the area who craves some Christmas classic snack, make sure to go to Puto Bungbong at Bibingka stall at 996 Padre Campa St. Sampaloc, Manila. You’ll surely spot this easily around the corner for it is the only stall that sells Pinoy kakanin. Try this out to satisfy your ber months’ experience!

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