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Why Symone is the epitome of America’s Drag Superstar

Why Symone is the epitome of America’s Drag Superstar

Last night, April 24, 2021, Symone won RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13. She ended the reign of the incomparable Jaida Essence Hall who passed the crown to her. And in my opinion, the Ebony Enchantress, as she calls herself, is the epitome of America’s Next Drag Superstar. This article will explain why.

Symone’s Instagram account (@the_symone)

Polaroids! Polaroids! Polaroids!

She incorporates herself in everything that she does.

The moment she walked into the Werk Room, I already knew that she will dominate the entire competition. She has “Winner” written all over her. The dress that she had on, made of polaroids of herself, was very creative, fun, and unconventional. Just with that gesture, she already has one of the things the judges are looking for since season 1.

They told the queens time and time again that in order to win the competition, they need to bring in a part of themselves to every challenge. What better way to do this than wear something like that. She didn’t only show them her unique and elevated style, but she also presented them who she is.

Symone’s Instagram account (@the_symone)

The Flag Fact’ry

We didn’t expect that she is funny.

In the 4th episode, the RuPaulmark Channel, they were tasked to overact in cheesy RuPaulmark holiday movies. It is a parody of the Hallmark Channel with usually cheesy (but quite enjoyable) storylines. At first, I was afraid for Symone because I know that she has great style and is fun when lip-syncing, but I didn’t know if she could act or be funny in an acting challenge.

But of course, she didn’t disappoint. She walked into the set, wearing her blazer, pencil skirt, and large red hair. The outfit already took me. Her stance was great, of course, but I was still not sure if she could pull the acting off. Well, what do you know, the moment she opened her mouth and spit out her lines, she killed it. Ross and the other queens were laughing and I was at the edge of my seat.

The line that took us all out and probably is the most memorable line in the season was how she said flag factory. She pronounced it as “Flag Fact’ry” with a very funny delivery. Her attitude worked very well and she maintained it until the end of her performance. That’s when she won her second challenge.

She triumphed two of the challenges that she was in back to back. At the moment, she was already a force to be reckoned with. That time, I was quite sure that she would at least be a part of the final four.

Photo Credits: VH1/RuPaul’s Drag Race

That was not the only time she showed us her comedy chops. The challenge that everyone was waiting for is the Snatch Game. Of course, I want her to do well. It is a Drag Race staple. Usually, queens who do well here are the front-runners. Once again, Symone didn’t disappoint. She played Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist, and activist. RuPaul laughed at her jokes so much, which is the one thing a queen needs to do in order to survive the challenge. She could’ve won this as well… too bad Gottmik was a bulldozer as Paris Hilton.

Not only that, the other challenge that she slayed and made us laugh was in her commercial. The challenge was the queens must create and brand their own versions of extravagant soft drinks. Symone’s soft drink was called “Sweet Toof”. She brought back the same energy that she gave in the RuPaulmark challenge, but it was still very funny. She always gives off that very fun girlfriend attitude and sass. This was her fourth win.

Photo Credits: VH1/RuPaul’s Drag Race

Many viewers criticize her humor as being repetitive, lame and getting old. In my opinion, as Bob and Monet said in their Sibling Rivalry podcast, Adam Sandler does the same thing in all of his movies, but we still love him because it is funny and it works.

That’s the same case with Symone. I am entertained by her because of that funny character and that is the same reason why I fell in love with her in the first place.

She got the FASHION, beauty and the brains

She never failed to rock the runway.

This bullet-point is probably one of the main reasons why viewers are a fan of Symone. She always brings high-fashion looks. Her take on every assignment was consistently on-point and really unique. Her looks on the runway were always elevated. I was always gagged by her fashion. Every time she came out on the runway, I was blown away. I cannot remember any moment when I said that what she wore was just ok.

Also, the way she strut the stage was just impressive. Every step she took was a testament that she owns the runway and that she was the most beautiful queen on it. She is, indeed, a supermodel. As Michelle Visage said, she wears the clothes. They don’t wear her.

This is her train runway where she gave her unexpected take. Who would think of a “train look” that will stem from her head, and not the dress itself? Only Symone.
Her amazing “Bead It” runway
Her Drag Excellence Runway. I just have no words for this.

Say their names

She is never afraid to speak up.

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Well, what do you know? A winner who is not only beautiful and good at fashion, but also someone who uses her platform to encourage change in the world. This characteristic of hers solidified my love for her. As someone who advocates for many things, Symone became my spirit animal. I connected with her on a deeper level, because I also always seize every opportunity to make a statement.

What I’m talking about was when she walked the runway with the category of Fascinating Fascinators. She wore a beautiful white clean garment that hugged her body shape well. It was topped with a white triangular fascinator. When she went out with this, it was already very impressive. She carried it with poise and elegance as she usually does.

The highlight of it though was when she turned around and showed the back of her dress. It was then revealed that the clean white garment wasn’t that spotless at all. She also raised her arms to the air as if asked by the police. On the fascinator, it said “Say their names” in blood-red, and on the back of her dress were bullet holes. This was an incredible statement about the police brutality experienced by the African-American community. It was indeed the most powerful part of the whole show.

Symone’s Instagram Account (@the_symone)

I applaud and love her so much for this. She uses her platform well. I was actually very surprised that she didn’t win this. She didn’t only do well in the Snatch Game as the activist Harriet Tubman, but this runway was also very beautiful and powerful. This was a very good night for her. Although I can also see why Gottmik won as well. She was hilarious as Paris and her fascinator look was good too. Though it wasn’t as impactful as this.

Why was Symone only safe and not high though? This is usually what happens when queens do this kind of statement on the show. Just like how Mariah Balenciaga was just safe in the talent show of All-Stars 5.

Relatable Ebony Enchantress

Symone has ups and downs which is very much like all of us.

This is when I become very protective of Symone. People on the internet often say that she shouldn’t and wouldn’t win because she was in the bottom two times. Truth is, there was never a winner who had lip-synced twice. She is the first one to have done this. That makes her the most relatable winner of the show ever.

I say that she is relatable because the two bottom placements show that she can also be vulnerable. Yes, she is a force to be reckoned with because she had four challenge wins under her belt, but she also had two low points in the competition. This just shows everyone that in life, even the most skillful and great people fall down. She embodies the notion that a person can be great and also have a weakness.

Yes, she dominated the competition with four wins, but she was also in the bottom two times. She didn’t let herself be let down. She chose to look at her strengths than her weaknesses. Symone never gave up. Her drive led her to the crown. She is, indeed, the epitome of America’s Drag Superstar.

Symone’s Instagram Account (@the_symone)
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