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Why Phoebe Buffay is my favorite character in FRIENDS

Why Phoebe Buffay is my favorite character in FRIENDS

My favorite comfort television show to date is the American sitcom FRIENDS. FRIENDS are my go-to stress reliever when I’m feeling down or stressed out. I fell in love with Phoebe Buffay after having seen it so many times. She became my favorite of the six because of her unique personality and upbeat outlook on life.

No one can doubt Phoebe’s qualities as a positive influence, the finest one-liners on the program, and likely the most underappreciated of the girls. I list all the reasons Phoebe is the best character in FRIENDS in the paragraphs that follow. 

Reasons why Phoebe Buffay is my favorite character in FRIENDS:

She’s compassionate

The two people with the greatest compassion among the six are Joey and Phoebe. But Phoebe stands out because of how far she goes to support others. When Earl, the man who didn’t want the toner, claimed he was suicidal after only knowing him over a phone call, she went to great measures to save him in season seven.

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Also, the fact that he supported her brother Frank is perhaps one of the reasons I adore her character so much. Phoebe Buffay will go above and beyond for anyone. She even volunteered her uterus in season four to deliver Frank and Alice’s triplets.

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She also loves animals and takes great care of them. Phoebe’s love of animals is perhaps one of the things I have in common with her. She opposes fur unless it is a family relic, of course, and she is a vegetarian. In fact, Phoebe is one of the characters we can relate with while also aspiring to be like.

She’s brutally honest

Phoebe not only has a gift for music but also for being honest. Phoebe’s friends can rely on her to be honest with them, even though it may not always be offered at the appropriate moment. Do you think she finds you to be too intrusive? She will tell you directly. Even when her thoughts stand a fair risk of being disparaged by others, Phoebe is never scared to speak her mind and is always honest with the people she cares about.

Moreover, she is very direct in her words. She never puts on a false look in an effort to impress a man. She is remarkably authentic. I adore her since she is a true friend. Phoebe also understands her values and who she is. She breaks up with Mike because he won’t give marriage another shot when she discovers she wants to be a soccer mom. I believe that being genuine to herself is correlated with her being honest.

She sees the good in everything

Throughout her youth and up until adulthood, Phoebe was shown to have had a lot of experiences. Among other things, she never met her father, lived in a box on the street, and her mother committed suicide. Despite everything, she has a positive attitude toward life and frequently offers encouragement to her friends.

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She was also never close to her twin sister Ursula and spent a significant amount of time living on the streets, engaging in muggings and beggaring. It is understandable how someone else would have turned to a life of crime. Instead, she persevered through the difficult time. She eventually did great as a massage therapist with a side gig playing music. Well done, Phoebe.

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Even though Phoebe encounters her fair share of heartache and despair as the series goes on, she makes an effort to have a cheerful disposition. She doesn’t let little setbacks, such as when she has problems finding a job, affect her manner too much.

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Her radiating confidence

Phoebe is a role model for us all when it comes to confidence. She’s one of the most confident characters on the show without even recognizing it. She understands who she is and owns it all the time.

“Insecure” is not in Phoebe’s vocabulary. She’s not one to downplay her strengths; she knows she looks fantastic and has “an ass that won’t quit.” Phoebe will never accept social pressure to conform to its expectations of her desires or behavior. She exudes strength and assurance. She is, thus, a deserving example for everyone going through a difficult time in life.

In a nutshell

Phoebe is my favorite character in FRIENDS since she is by far the most bizarre person on the show. She has a sense of humor that is special to her, just like her friends. Additionally, she provides enough comic relief to keep viewers tuning in even after the show has ended. I also like how her character is juxtaposed. She’s naive but also street savvy, and she’s frank but kind.

Furthermore, it’s clear that Lisa Kudrow’s comedic skills were what gave Phoebe her appeal. Phoebe was initially the odd one out. She was plainly very different and had little in common with anyone in the group. Nevertheless, Kudrow did a fantastic job portraying her.  Without a doubt, Phoebe is still among the best-acted TV characters ever.

In addition, the writers deserve praise as well. Phoebe was changed from the daydreaming, silly girl of Season 1 into a force of nature as the show developed. Although she always remained faithful to her spiritual nature, she changed in wonderful and surprising ways. There is no doubt that Phoebe is the best character on Friends, and one of the best-written and created characters on American television.

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