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Who is Imelda Schweighart and why is she trending

Who is Imelda Schweighart and why is she trending


Meet the all-new version of Ex-Miss Philippines Earth Imelda Schweighart as she expresses herself on a whole other level as a singer. 

Just yesterday, Imelda became a hot trending topic on social media after her controversial statement against K-pop music she shared via a series of Facebook posts. In fact, she is urging her fellow Filipinos to appreciate more our own culture and our local artists. However, it seems that her statements are a little confusing. Take a look!

In her first post, she accused some Filipinos of losing their sense of pride by patronizing K-Pop music.”I hate K-pop. Filipinos are losing their identity trying to be like Koreans. Konting pride, please?”

Yet, her next statement, “di hamak na mas magaling namang mag-English mga Pinoy kesa Korean,” completely dismisses her first argument. Right?

Despite the backlash, she stood firm with her call to support the talents we Filipinos can bring to the table. According to her, we “should have our own identity as a culture and nation than losing ourselves into trends.”

The independent artist further explained, “Instead of seeing it in a way where they make hit charts therefore we should patronize, see it in a way where we deserve to make it as Filipinos and don’t sleep on how talented we are. Haven’t you seen the oppression and slavery of Korean artists? The processes and suffering for entertainment. I’m not sure if anyone can identify to them but if anyone could, it’s imagining what you could look like after heavy plastic surgery. It’s altering the children’s minds to alter how they look… and it’s carving the next generation’s minds… Insecurity is what they sell. They are not promoting self-love. I want to see us carve our own lane, promote self-love, acceptance for shapes and sizes without too much compromise and sacrifice as entertainers. Diversity, for once!”

Imelda currently has three singles, “Power Trip,” “Bubba Luva,” and “Super Wave,” available for streaming on Spotify.

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