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We should stop sleeping on Filipino boyband, Alamat

We should stop sleeping on Filipino boyband, Alamat

People of the Philippines, hear me out! It is time for all of us to wake up from our pandemic-induced slumber. Stop sleeping on my boys in ALAMAT! BTS and EXO are amazing, but have you heard about our very own PPOP group that speaks multiple PH languages? YES, you heard that right! Talk about REPRESENTATION! 

Alamat is a boyband group managed under Viva Entertainment and partner of Ninuno Media. 

They made their debut last February 2021, with their single, “kbye.” The song is catchy enough on its own. However, what made it fantastic was how it utilized various native languages! The song stars Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Waray-Waray, Hiligaynon, and Bisaya languages. Astounding, right? They do a modern and on-trend take of inclusivity for our country’s beautiful languages. 

Alamat is composed of eight members hailing from different regions of the Philippines. The members include TaneoMoTomasR-JiValferAlasGami and Jao. 

With each of them featuring their own charisma and visuals, it’s a wonder why we Filipinos continue to sleep on Alamat!

They are a talented bunch with outstanding vocals. Like all boyband groups, they are also skilled in the art of dance. In fact, just two weeks ago, on July 15, 2021, they released “kasmala,” which stands for “malakas” or strong. 

The song describes a love interest and how they’re exceptional and “marahuyo.” It’s a present-day type of complimenting and “panliligaw”. The MV is swoon-worthy as eight cuties tell you how gorgeous you are??  Sign me up! They look like hunky warriors in their kasmala MV get-up! 

Personally, my bias is Gami, but all of them are uniquely appealing in their own way. 

You can find out more about them by clicking HERE on this members’ database. 

Alamat’s sense of style is also SUPERB. A lot of their clothes are based on modern takes on cultural clothes that symbolize their region’s heritage. The members also showcase bold bright colors- their dyes are to die for!

Despite the pandemic, it’s a significant era to be in for the kind of music that the Philippine industry is producing right now.

With Alamat’s talent, they will skyrocket to fame in no time. Hopefully, they also get fandoms on a global scale because that’s what they deserve! 

I am glad that the rise of Philippine-based boybands continues. With the success of SB19, Boyband PH, and now, Alamat, let’s stan hard for #Lokal! We have such a colorful and unique culture, and it’s time we get that out to the world through music! 

Follow Alamat on their social media accounts:

Facebook | Alamat

Instagram | Alamat

You can also follow them individually on IG via: @alamat.taneo,, @alamat.tomas, @alamat.rji@alamat.valfer, @alamat.alas, @alamat.gami, and @alamat.jao.

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