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Wanna know why you’re seeing fruits on your female friends’ Instagram?

Wanna know why you’re seeing fruits on your female friends’ Instagram?

These past few days, you might be seeing random fruits on your female friends’ Instagram posts and stories. Do you want to know why? Well, it’s to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Photo from Angela Baltan | Instagram

Every fruit has a different meaning that corresponds to their personal lives. For the sake of breast cancer awareness, a lot of my friends joined this little game… I mean, I did, too!

Photo from Zilah Rama | Instagram

Posting random fruits on Instagram for breast cancer awareness.

A few days ago, I received three photo-messages on my Instagram. One from my sister, another from my best friend, and one from another friend of mine. To say that this was a fun little game would be an understatement. This wasn’t just a game to women, breast cancer remains the most frequent one diagnosed among women.

Photo from Raye Sanchez | Instagram

The photo-message says:

“Read it all!

Hi beautiful, it’s time of the year again to try and raise awareness for breast cancer through a small game. It’s very easy and I was hoping you would participate. Last year, we had to write the color of our bras on our status. Men wondered for days what was going on with those random colors.”

Photo from April Servento | Instagram

“This year, we make a reference to our love life status as a fruity flavor. Do not answer this message and just post the corresponding word on your Instagram. Continue the chain and send this message privately to all the girls on your list.”

Photo from Jonah Mae Daileg | Instagram

Blueberry is single.

Pineapple means it’s complicated.

Raspberry means “I don’t want to commit.”

Apple is engaged.

Banana is married.

Photo from Shaira Manalili | Instagram

Avocado means “I am the better half.”

Strawberry means “I can’t find Mr. Right.”

Lemon means “Being single is my choice.”

Raisin says “I want to get married to my partner.”


Photo from Cathereen Calungsud | Instagram

Facts and statistics. 

Frequently among women, breast cancer has impacted 2.1-million women each year. It also caused the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among women. It had an estimated number of 627,000 deaths in 2018 alone, making up 15% of all cancer deaths among women.

Photo from April Servento | Instagram

This meant that breast cancer rates remain higher among women in more developed regions while it increases in every region globally. To improve outcomes, early detection remains critical. Two strategies are early diagnosis and screening.

Photo from Gewen Marie | Instagram

Early diagnosis focuses on increasing the proportion of breast cancers identified at an early stage. This way, there will be more effective treatment available to the patient. Thus, reducing their risk of death from breast cancer. Screening, on the other hand, consists of testing women to identify cancers before any symptoms appear.

Photo from Angela Arreglado | Instagram

Please read more about breast cancer and continue spreading awareness in this matter.

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