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Vine Aesthetics launches new campaign Beauty Speaks

Vine Aesthetics launches new campaign Beauty Speaks

Women’s month has just ended. However, that doesn’t mean that our celebration for women has stopped. Remember that some sectors of women still struggle. Some fight for their own space to have the recognition and respect that they deserve. Thus, women should be celebrated. Heading Vine Aesthetics, Dr. Emehly Sevilla launched the new beauty campaign titled Beauty Speaks. Dedicated to the wonderful women in our lives, this aims to recognize women as our cheerleaders, the light of our homes, the pillars of our strength. Women are our refuge and most of the time, our guide. 

Vine Aesthetics launches new campaign Beauty Speaks

Our mothers are probably the most tormented people during this time of crisis. Aside from providing for us, they also try to be our comfort and our source of strength. Not knowing that they go through a lot, too. However, they choose to never show us any weakness. They also remained steadfast, because more than ever they need to feel strong for their families and become that image of strength.

Dr. Emehly Sevilla

Parterning with Rhen Escano

They kicked off the campaign with a two-minute video to drive awareness. They also showcased the difficulties that typical women go through during the pandemic to spell out the problem. The ad also urged women everywhere to join Vine Aesthetics. This way, they can turn negative emotions into positive ones. The campaign aims to emphasize how taking care ourselves can transform someone’s life and it underscores the need for change.

It also shows how your own beauty can speak for you and for others. To bring their message to life in a relevant way, they partnered with Ang Probinsyano‘s star Rhen Escano. The partnership aims to amplify the message further. It promotes positive messaging to those who talk about women and being beautiful in times of crisis. According to them, they also hope that it can resonate resonate well with many Filipinas. Especially those who undergoes depression and anxiety due to the pandemic. 

Ang Probinsyano’s star Rhen Escano

What does Beauty Speaks mean? 

Dr. Em Sevilla explained:

“We know how stressful the time can be and we want Vine Aesthetics to become a place where women can feel vulnerable. We want to be the one to take care of them, to make them feel beautiful again through our services. Our approach remains holistic. We want to empower women and after the services, we hope they feel that they can overcome everything. We want them to feel so good because they deserve to feel loved. And after amazing results, we want their own beauty to speak for them. We’ve got their back and we’re here to make them powerful once more.” 

Dr. Em added:

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“We also want to go back to the basics. Aesthetic procedures doesn’t mean enhancements. It also refers to what you feel after. Some people come to us while dealing with depression or even bullying. After our patients see the results of the procedures, they start to overcome those negative emotions. They also started to appreciate and feel better about themselves. And, that’s what we want to share with everyone. That their own beauty can speak for them and we can help them achieve that.”

Erla Rein

Why do we need it?

“No better form of celebrating women exists than showing that we truly care. Pampering the women that we love shows that we cherish them. It shows affection and becomes the highest expression of love.”

Truly, Vine Aesthetics wants to treasure and celebrate women. They know that making them more beautiful gives them the confidence that they need to take on the world. Enhancing their features not only makes them look pretty. But, it also makes them feel so good. They want to help them relax, reboot and reset their minds. Not only they’re obsessed with indulging them, to give them the best care they need until their unfiltered beauty speaks for them.

Hazel Ortiz

In a time when COVID is still wreaking havoc and everything else is unsure, there’s no better time than now to feel good about ourselves. We can always delay it and tell ourselves to focus on what really matters, but isn’t our mental and emotional well-being a matter most? Let’s take care of the women in our lives and show how they are important to us. To know what Vine Aesthetics has to offer, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts here.

Let the New Vine Aesthetics unravel and the new age of beauty reveals itself.

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