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L’Amour: Jacquemus and the core of his ‘Quintessential’ mind

L’Amour: Jacquemus and the core of his ‘Quintessential’ mind

 Simon Porte Jacquemus, the creative director and the founder of the brand Jacquemus, debuts its Spring/Summer 2021 collection. L’Amour, a depiction in a film called “Days of heaven”, was held just outside Paris, the runway was put in a field of wheat. Indeed, one of the best ways to pull off an event while doing social distancing.


Image from Hypebae


L’Amour—it means love. Simon describes it as a construction of soft and calming aesthetics. It uniquely shows a melancholy and romantic story. Pieces of clothing within the collection are set on a provincial life that reflected the scenery and garments. The show is a turning point to the brand for making a groundbreaking show. Simon pushes his vision to fulfill a mouth dropping and eye catching show to translate his collection.

The collection consists of silk in different variations. Pieces, together with colors like a black, yellow and cream, correspondingly transcend a story of  exaggeration with love. Simon cope up with what is happening in the world right now. This sums up the entire collection as a visualisation of beautiful fantasy, giving us a glimpse on how Jacquemus created it with love and positivity.


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Photo from Hypebae


This is a story of how a man performs a groundbreaking and surreal show. Simon made this clear, visions and creativity emerge even though the world stopped for a moment, but humanity stood as creativity shines like a beacon.

While emerging his imagination and creativity to adapt to the new normal, he tells us with the core of his “Quintessential” mind. No matter how hard or how bad a threat can be, creativity and humanity will always uphold to showcase a man’s talent.

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