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Typo Products to Jazz Up Your Daily Aesthetic

Typo Products to Jazz Up Your Daily Aesthetic

Being quarantined at home plunged people into upgrading almost anything to something aesthetic. These aesthetic transformations ranged from organizing a whole fridge with dividers to subtle changes like using a cute budget planner. Admit it! Watching those transformations and hauls temporarily cured our lockdown boredom.

This kind of lifestyle change continued even after the pandemic and that’s probably why we’re loving Typo. Typo is a retail store born from clothing brand, Cotton On. It offers everyday products twisted into fun, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing merch which sparks joy in everyday life. The next time I see these, I’m definitely copping them!

Typo Products to Jazz Up Your Daily Aesthetic

Recycled Floral Buffalo Weekly Planner

Everyday routine like planning your schedule then forgetting about it shouldn’t have to be boring. Spice up organizing your events with Typo’s recycled floral buffalo weekly planner. There’s nothing more charming than a floral pastel-colored planner to jazz up your daily aesthetic.

This recycled weekly planner comes in different designs, available in floral designs or solid monotone colors. This is a bid goodbye to collecting 18 Starbucks stickers as this 12-month planner costs ₱799 only. 

Feed Me Bowl

Dumping my ordinary bowls for Typo’s uniquely themed ‘Feed Me Bowl’. These bowls are definitely giving the ‘it’s an ordinary meal but make it extra’ vibe. Starting your day extraordinarily sets your day in a good mood and I can definitely see myself using it!

Boost your kitchen funk and jazz up your daily aesthetic with the ‘Feed Me Bowl’. It comes with a variety of themes—cartoons, NBA, or relatable words like ‘Always Hungry’ as a design. The ‘Feed Me Bowl’ retails for only ₱799.

Daily Mug

Caffeine is a big part of our life, that’s why pairing coffee with flamboyant mugs is a must! Thankfully, Typo really knows how to spice up an ordinary morning routine with these cute and relatable daily mugs.

There will be no more Monday blues because for ₱399, you can jazz up your daily caffeine routine. These mugs are such a mood and I’m definitely copping one for myself!

See Also

Art Totes

Have you seen those mini vlogs where people pack a bag to go out and study in a café? We can be that girl and go out in style with the Art Totes from Typo! It also gets better, some of these Art Totes designs actually match some of the Buffalo Planners. It’s both cute and innovative!

What’s a better way to jazz up your daily aesthetic than sporting a cute tote bag that matches your planner? Definitely ditching my plain backpack and white tote bags for this! Typo Art Totes offers so many adorable designs and costs only ₱999.

Take Me Away Laptop Case

Matchy-matchy art tote bags and journals are cute? Wait, there’s more! Typo introduces the ‘Take Me Away’ laptop case that matches most of the designs of the Buffalo Planners and Art Totes. 

Your work vibe doesn’t have to be dull and monotonous, make your daily routine fun and extra with matchy-matchy! The only downside of this ₱799 ‘Take Me Away’ laptop case is that it only caters to 13-inch laptops. 

If you want to jazz up your daily aesthetic and be that girl—don’t walk, run to Typo now!

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