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Two main reasons why Alison Brie would be perfect for ‘She-Hulk’

Two main reasons why Alison Brie would be perfect for ‘She-Hulk’

In case you didn’t know, Marvel has an upcoming slate of new superhero Disney Plus shows. This includes Moon KnightMs. Marvel and She-Hulk. Although they have yet to announce the cast or even the directors for the show, rumors have started to circulate regarding which stars could headline. The current casting speculation for She-Hulk involves Marvel may be looking for either Alison Brie or if she has a prior commitment, “an Alison Brie type” actress will do.

Alison Brie
Photo Courtesy of Alison Brie | Instagram

Alison Brie for She-Hulk.

We can’t really put much stock into this as it actually came from sources so unnamed that we genuinely can’t even trace it. However, it’s an interesting rumor to consider. Nominated for several awards, Brie had already won a Screen Actors Guild Awards for an Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for Mad Men in 2009. She has a lot of potential that she can put into this character that casting directors should put into account.

Photo Courtesy of Alison Brie | Instagram

Here are the two main reasons why Alison Brie would be perfect for She-Hulk:

She is a comedic genius.

Viewers first met Alison in one of her two early roles which were going on simultaneously. She played either as Annie from Community or as Trudy in Mad Men. She became known as a comedic genius for her hilarious portrayal in Community, playing a nerdy, bright and optimistic student. Hilarious and realistic, Alison ultimately became a household name.

Even during interviews, she captures attention with her story telling abilities. She provides details that make listeners hooked and filled with suspense. She tells a story while sealing it up with a comedic last second twist. Honestly, every moment with this actress becomes comedy gold. She can be sweet and sexy, and everything in between.

Photo Courtesy of Community

She can show off her brute physical strength.

Netflix show GLOW became a part of Brie’s transformation. She fought tooth and nail for the physically demanding part of her role as a female wrestler. She has to do her own stunt and even, own wrestling scenes. The empowering show made her learn how to use her body in a different way. She had strength training and learned to throw women across the ring.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

She-Hulk‘s story.

She-Hulk actually grew up as mousy and meek Jennifer Walters. She has little to no confidence, even after she began working as a lawyer in Los Angeles. She has always been close with her cousin, Bruce Banner. They would spend hours in a library and read books to each other. When a crime boss crossed paths with her father, she was shot and seriously wounded.

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Comics

As a lawyer, she defended a gangster who double-crossed the said crime boss. Her client offered to turn state’s evidence to ruin the crime boss. Thankfully, Banner was there to fend off the attackers and broke into a doctor’s office to treat her. Realizing that she could die, Bruce gave her a transfusion of his own blood. When he was considered to be a suspect for her attack, Bruce had to change into The Incredible Hulk to flee.

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Comics

During his absence, the crime boss tried to attempt a second hit on her. This caused the danger to activate the gamma radiation particles in the transfused blood, turning her skin green and increasing her size to six feet. Taken aback, the goons backed up and commented, ‘it’s some kinda she-hulk.’

Photo Courtesy of The Scotsman Magazine

“You called me a She-Hulk, so that’s what I’ll be.”

She trapped the thugs for the police to find. With the emergency over, she reverted to her normal size and strength. Although at first she remained savage, she eventually gained the same intelligence that she had when she looked normal. This instance looked similar to Hulk‘s current disposition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hulk may have a huge body but he no longer resorts to violence and smashing. He has the same intelligence that he had when he looked normal, too. This may be a cool introduction on to how Banner achieved his look and feel during the Avengers: Endgame which remained one of the questions that many fans raised.

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Do you think Alison Brie would be perfect for She-Hulk? Let us know in the comments below.

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