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Treats and Souvenirs found in Laguna

Treats and Souvenirs found in Laguna

Much like how Laguna is home to different tourist attractions, it also houses different kinds of treats and souvenirs perfect for your family. If you are planning to visit Laguna, make sure to find these special treats across the province. 

Buko Pie Treat

The most delicious pie ever created is located here in Laguna. That savory, sweet yet nutty, and perfectly caramelized pie is a perfect treat when coming across Laguna province. Who can resist trying Laguna’s flagship product? 

Best served while it is hot, the Buko Pie of Laguna complements well with any beverage of your choosing. The filling of the pie is harnessed from coconuts which makes it different from other pies. Laguna is home to many coconut farms. With that, the province has decided on coconuts for this treat. 

There are a lot of Buko Pie stores across Laguna. However, one stood out the most. The original Buko Pie located in Los Banos, Laguna is the place to go when in search of the perfect Buko Pie. 

Photo | Carousell

Liliw’s Durable Footwears

When we are talking about the most durable footwear ever produced, Liliw has to be at the top of the list. Hailed as the Philippines’ “Tsinelas Capital”, the quality of footwear offered in this place is undeniably up to the highest standard. 

Located near the province of Rizal and Quezon, the small town of Liliw has been known for its decade-long production of durable footwear across Laguna. From shoes to elegant flip-flops, to simple yet durable tsinelas, Liliw has it all. 

Prices of footwear depend on its design and how it is made. Simple footwear can cost you around 150 PHP to 200 PHP. Most of the stores in Liliw offer it in a bundle of “Buy 1, Get 3” pairs of footwear. 

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Puto Binan

If you are near the Metro, you have to try this delicious treat found in Binan, Laguna. Puto Binan’s rice cake is topped with salted egg and cheese. The soft and fluffy Puto is a perfect treat at all times of the day. 

Nila’s Puto, a notable store that sells the best Puto Binan surely hits the spot. They serve a freshly made Puto that is perfect as a treat and pasalubong for your friends or relatives.  

Photo | Four Square
There are a lot more treats that you can share with your friends and families. Explore the country and witness how similar and diverse each place is with its staple delicacies on the road.

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