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Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo, the duo behind “Love Ain’t Real”

Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo, the duo behind “Love Ain’t Real”

Pinoy music artists Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo releases Taglish (Tagalog-English) song Love Ain’t Real. These two rising music artists just know how to catch Gen Z’s and Millennial’s hearts through their pop-electronic single. But, here’s the catch! The two who collaborated on the song are based in Singapore. Yup! You read it right.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Tonie proudly thanked Tarsier Records for allowing them to release a first-ever Taglish song. On the other hand, Dave is honored to be part of Tarsier Records and by allowing them to create music for everyone.

Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo, the Singapore-based duo behind Love Ain’t Real

Tonie, who migrated to Singapore back in 2012, is the one who composes and sang the single Love Ain’t Real. This 18-year-old Filipina singer has a lot of potential in the music industry. Meanwhile, Dave is the one who produces the music for their Taglish single. Together with his family, Dave migrated to Singapore back in 2003 when he was just two years old.

Moreover, the two were introduced by Filipino label Tarsier Records as new artists of CLASS 2021. Several music artist who are also part of Tarsier records are Iñigo Pascual, Kiana Valenciano, Sam Concepcion, and Moophs among others. It’s a label under Star Music that aims to take Filipino music to an international audience. To showcase Filipino music and artist in the world of  stage. 

 Meet Dave Anonuevo the music producer of the song Love Ain’t Real

Dave’s biggest dream as an artist is to make a positive change to someone’s life through his music. He is also a big fan of Fern Tan a singer-songwriter with a several song such as Into You, Angel Eyes, and Are you Mine. Aside from that, he also lives in his motto, “You miss all the shots you don’t take.”

Tonie Enriquez, the singer-songwriter of Love Ain’t Real

This Filipina singer-songwriter is a big fan of Harry Styles. She revealed that she wants to collaborate with him if there’s an opportunity. Also, her biggest dream as an artist is to make songs that would leave a positive impact on the people while staying relevant. She hopes that her songs would also be played in the next two decades just like those classic OPM songs.


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My favorite line in the song is “Kung hindi tayo pwede, bakit hanap ka ng puso ko?” Aww, it struck in my heart . So what are you waiting for? Check out their single and don’t missed it out! Support Filipino music artists.

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