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TikTok breathes new life to viral tracks; shines a light on music creators

TikTok breathes new life to viral tracks; shines a light on music creators

TikTok has seen the rise of countless talented creators and viral content all over the platform. Many aspiring and up-and-coming musicians found their place within the community. They confidently share their original songs and covers of popular tracks with anyone who can appreciate their music. Seeing great potential in these music creators, TikTok sets to take the initiative to support them as they breathe new life into viral songs on the platform. Hopefully, they help their music grow. The platform does it as they tap onto popular creators to record cover versions of these viral tracks. Then, adding them into the immense music library on TikTok that users can easily access.

TikTok breathes new life to viral tracks; shines a light on music creators

Talented creators give viral music first heard on TikTok another shot.

Music starts on TikTok. A couple of revamped songs have already skyrocketed in popularity among creators soon after their release on the platform last June. The first is the Zendee version of the Visayan song, Cutie Uyyy. This was followed by AD BEAT‘s rendition of the song, Ikaw Lang.

Cutie Uyyy

The southern part of the Philippines may be considered an untapped resource when it comes to musical talent. Cutie Uyy is proof of this. The song sounds so catchy that it gained recognition all over the country after its initial release in February 2020. Eventually went viral on TikTok, even though many listeners did not understand its lyrics.

Cutie Uyyy, a Bisaya phrase that means Hey Cutie, is an R&B Hip-Hop song that talks about young love. Aside from that, it also details being infatuated with a cute girl you just met. A year after it first went viral, TikTok gave this track a second life through a cover version performed by one of its top music creators, Zendee, who also hails from the southern part of the Philippines.

Listen to Zendee’s version of Cutie Uyyy here. Alternate versions of the track – Cutie Uyyy (Chorus) and Cutie Uyyy (Slowed Chorus) –  are also available for creators on the platform. 

Ikaw Lang

Released by the local band, Nobita, in May 2020, Ikaw Lang, which means Only You in English. It speaks about a love song that speaks of faithfulness, trust and devotion. The song recently experienced a resurgence on TikTok and other platforms. It even made Spotify’s Viral 50 PH playlist. Since then, its music video has already hit over a million views.

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Re-released on TikTok by real-life couple, Adrian Ferrer and Alliyah Cadelina, Ikaw Lang gives a beautiful new twist on the platform. Especially, thanks to the beautiful mix of Aaliyah’s angelic voice and Adrian’s prolific beatboxing skills. Singing together about a dream-come-true kind of love, the couple produced a timeless, romantic track that can easily melt the heart of anyone who listens to it.

Listen to a snippet of AD BEAT’s version of Ikaw Lang here. A 30-second cut of the track is also available on the platform. Watch out for the release of the full song this July.

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