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The Top Tech You Need for Citywide Power Outages

The Top Tech You Need for Citywide Power Outages

Many big cities and metropolises are prone to power outages, and if you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll know how inconvenient they can be. A blackout is a bummer, from thawing freezers to potentially contaminated water (depending on the reason for your outage). 

Lucky for us, we’re living in the future, and so much technology can help in our times of need.

We’ve collated the top tech to get your hands on to make sure you’re prepared for any situation when a power outage happens!

1. Power Generator

Up first is the king of all technology needs for a power outage: the mighty power generator. Ensuring you have one of these will eradicate most of your problems when the power goes out.

There’s a considerable amount of choice in the power generator market, but we’d choose a dual fuel any day of the week. Having backup fuel is a must, but with a machine like a dual fuel, it’s already built-in and ready to go.

Do your research and grab a generator that works for you. Look for a dual-fuel generator guide for information about what specs to look for and what fuel sources to use. 

With a backup generator, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be safe when the power goes out.

2. Water Purifying Bottle

An outage might not be the only issue you face in an event like a natural disaster. A potentially unexpected thing to be careful of during an outage is contaminated water. A blackout caused by a flood might mean rain/river/sea water has got to your tank or disrupted water purification systems in your area.

Anyone who remembers the outage in New York in 2022 will tell you how important a water source is. The power loss combined with a heat wave put many in danger of overheating and dehydration, making a clean water source vital. 

That’s why we suggest getting yourself a water-purifying bottle. When the power goes out, keeping yourself hydrated is hugely important while you wait for the power to return. These bottles come with a built-in purifier, so you can fill your bottle from anywhere to get clean, potable water.

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3. High-Tech Flashlight

Finally, the humble flashlight. While you should set up your generator, a good backup is always important. Or rather, a backup backup. Getting yourself a head torch will mean you can navigate your home to collect belongings or find loved ones.

You can never be too prepared with the duration of power outages at their highest. Keep your flashlight in your emergency kit, and you’ll be thankful for it later!

Keep Safe and Keep Powered!

As the power grid continues to take a battering from natural disasters, getting yourself ready and prepared has never been more critical. Thankfully, that’s easier today than it ever has been. With an impressive selection of technological products explicitly designed to help in a power outage, it’s simply a case of keeping it for a rainy day—sometimes literally!

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