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Things to consider in picking your college major

Things to consider in picking your college major

Picking a college major can be the biggest and toughest decision you’ll ever make in your life. College can dictate a huge portion of your future career’s outcome, so it is very crucial to choose it wisely. Having a hard time deciding? We got you! Here are some tips to consider in deciding what major to take in college.

Things to consider in picking your college major

Consider choosing a college major that you’re passionate about

Your college major has a huge relation to what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Can you envision yourself doing a job you don’t like? It doesn’t sound really pleasing, does it? That’s why you should pick a college major that you think you genuinely approve of. It’s true when they say that working won’t feel like working when you love what you do.

It’s important to pick a path you’re willing to commit to for the rest of your life.

Consider choosing a college program that you’re good at

I don’t think it makes sense to pursue a college path that you know you’re not skilled at. A good thing to consider and check on yourself is what you’re good at. Do you believe you are good at writing? Some of your options can be Journalism, Creative Writing, Communication Research, and the like. Are you good at speaking and communicating? Some of your choices are Communication, Education, and Broadcast Journalism, to name a few. A math wizard in your high school days? You could pursue Engineering, Statistics, or Accountancy. You get the picture.

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Consider choosing something practical

If neither passion nor skill doesn’t appeal to your decision-making, you may consider picking the most practical majors. They’re the ones with the most demand in the current industry, thus making a lot of money. According to Valentin Berard from, some of the high in-demand skills in the Philippines include the following: Customer Service, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis/Processing, Healthcare, Education, Project Management, Sales, Web Development, Social Media Marketing/Content Creation. You may opt in pursuing college majors related to the aforementioned.

At the end of the day, the final say is up to you. However, we’re hoping that this advice could aid you in your decision-making. Best of luck, dear reader!

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