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4 Midnight Snack Options for Your Late-Night Cravings

4 Midnight Snack Options for Your Late-Night Cravings

May it be your growling stomach or a bunch of cringey memories partying in your head, many of our nights end up with midnight snacking. And as a Filipino, I know we all run to the kitchen for one thing—instant noodles. Gotcha! Well, it tastes good and it never gets old. Plus, there are limitless variations of cooking it. But frequent consumption can be very boring and dangerous to your health due to large amounts of preservatives and additives. So, what else can you snack on?

Here Are 4 Midnight Snack Options for Your Late-Night Cravings

1 | Fried rice

You can never go wrong with fried rice; good as a breakfast and as a snack. Honestly, I like it any time of the day! It has the perfect amount of savory nicely mixed with scrambled eggs, spring onions, carrots, and peas—not all necessary though. The best thing about fried rice is that you can cook it however you like. You can also just make do with whatever you have in the fridge. A little heavy, but good if you’re particularly hungry!

2 | Pancake cereal

Hopping on to the trend, aren’t we? Just mix pancake ingredients in a bowl and cook them like usual, except in bite-sized pieces! Transfer them to a bowl and add your favorite toppings such as butter, maple syrup, blueberries, sprinkles, etc. Voila! Something usual yet something different. This midnight snack will definitely give your tongue a whole new experience.

3 | French fries

The magic in French fries still astonishes today. How can something so easy to prepare taste so good? Not only that but it remains to be a comfort food to many—perfect after a long tiring day. The only ingredients necessary are potatoes and salt and everything else is optional. Ketchup? Mayo? Garlic seasoning? Cheese powder? Ice cream? You name it, French fries are a midnight snack that can be paired with almost anything!

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4 | Cookies and milk

Honestly, if you aren’t really that hungry or just bored, you don’t really need to eat anything. But the urge to chew something tasty can be very hard to resist. For midnights like this, light yet fulfilling snacks like cookies and milk is all you need! Easy-peasy. Take the opportunity to drink warm milk to help you sleep better.

It’s fun having a midnight snack from time to time. We all have our reasons after all. But turning this into a daily habit has its health-concerning consequences. Be sure to prioritize your well-being and keep track of the food you consume.

Well, which midnight snack are you trying next?

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