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The Ones We Once Loved: Ben&Ben’s New Song Is the Apology We All Need

The Ones We Once Loved: Ben&Ben’s New Song Is the Apology We All Need

Just recently, Ben&Ben released their newest song: The Ones We Once Loved. And if you are not aware, it is a song about closure.

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Since the band’s rise to prominence, they have popularized everyone’s go-to breakup songs. They appear to have mastered the art of hugot. Let us be honest: those nights when our hearts were broken, Ben&Ben’s songs made us cry.

The Ones We Once Loved

The Ones We Once Loved is the band’s latest single. It is a ballad dedicated to an ex-lover. According to Paulo Benjamin, the band’s vocalist, the song was inspired by the end of his long-term relationship.

“As most of you may have known, a few years ago, I was in a long-term relationship which you’ve known much about, ‘cos we shared a bit of our journey with you. And then, it ended,” he said in an Instagram post.

“The time that passed since then has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth for the both of us, individually. Eventually, peace, acceptance, respect for the past, and closure came. It wasn’t easy, and there were many emotions that went into that process,” he added.

The apology we all need

A breakup is a significant event in a person’s life. The feeling of having someone so important in your life and then losing them in the blink of an eye is devastating. The journey after that is not easy. To achieve peace and acceptance, one must go through a process of forgiveness and healing.

Some of us ended things in a more civil and peaceful way while others did not. We call them “bad breakups”. And not everyone received a proper apology for the pain and everything they have been through.

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Most of us are looking for that apology. It is difficult to move forward when the closure is not provided properly. There is always an internal void that must be filled in order for us to forgive and move on. And the latest Ben&Ben song appears to be the apology we have all been looking for.

But I apologize for coming into your life

Just to break your heart to pieces, and then leave you in the night

– The Ones We Once Loved, Ben&Ben

It is difficult to forgive, especially when there is no apology, but Ben&Ben could have made us feel what it is like to receive an apology from someone we once loved and then hurt us.

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