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11 Chinito Influencers To Brighten Up Your Boring Day

11 Chinito Influencers To Brighten Up Your Boring Day

We are all living in tough times now, with most of us stuck inside the house due to the threat of the global pandemic COVID-19. Admit it, boredom is slowly ruining our days. You’re not alone! There are a lot of ways to fight the dullness of quarantine, you can try cooking, cleaning, reading books, and what we enjoy most: looking at cute guys! We didn’t want to selfish so here are 11 Chinito influencers we’ve been stalking lately:

Agassi Ching

You might remember him from the ABS-CBN series ‘The Good Son’ and from notable TV commercials. He also appeared in various theatre plays and portrayed different roles on stage.

Currently, he is active on his YouTube channel with over two million subscribers. Together with his girlfriend Jai Asuncion, they make netizens happy with their vlogs and challenges!

Renz Kieser

Renz is from ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle and he is an aspiring artist. This dream seems quite easily attainable as he already charmed the audience.

Currently, he has over 160K followers on Instagram! Surely, his selfies alone can grow him a fanbase.

Jason Dy-Tan

Athlete-model Jason was former Mr. Chinatown and now he uses his YouTube channel to inspire people.

He’s a fitness buff and promoter of healthy lifestyles, approaching it in an entertaining way. Now, he is gaining clout for his cute TikTok videos that we all are guilty of rewatching over and over again.

Lharby Policarpio

Vlogger Lharby embraces his wanderlust well. He hops from country to country showing off his charming looks and satisfying his thirst for exploring new places.

He never fails to deliver quality content across his social media platforms and we are living for it!

Ezra Domingo

Model, entrepreneur, and basketball player Ezra Domingo is known for starring in TV commercials for brands such as Jollibee, Isuzu, Master, and more.

He is among the social media crushes we are currently eyeing!


Girls and guys are both drooling whenever Denjo posts something in his feed. His physique and cute features are sending fans to go gaga!

Every time he flexes them guns, it’s an automatic like from us!

Wryan Chua

Wryan is popular for also representing some local brands in their various campaigns. He is also an actor and was recently part of the controversial movie Jacqueline Comes Home.

Today, he uses his influence in promoting a positive outlook in life via his social media platforms.

Vern Ong

Of course, you’ve seen him! He is a model, performer, and loving boyfriend to one of the most famous famous YouTubers in the country Riva Quenery.

The two have been quite the duo online with their sweet paandars and adventures.

Jeff Ong

Photographer Jeff Ong shines brighter than his subjects. Now, he is a happily-engaged man to fellow social media influencer Rhea Bue. They continually inspire their followers with quality content and entertaining videos as they travel and discover new things together.

Karl Limpin

He was Hello K-Idol Top 10 K-Trainee and now as dancer, Karl continues to touch lives through his talent in performing!

Sylvester Sy

Blogger Sylvester tackles lifestyle, skincare, travel, and fashion. In fact, he writes reviews of various stuff and places he had been to.

We love him because he is totally down to earth and adorable!

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