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New Lifestyle Brand FLEEK introduces the ORBIT automatic stirring mug

New Lifestyle Brand FLEEK introduces the ORBIT automatic stirring mug

The Orbit Stirring Mug is available in different colors

With the pandemic scene easing up the past few months, everyone’s starting to get a hit of the “life before pandemic.” Work going back to in-office setups, out of town trips, gym life, and more of that usual home routine we used to do in the past COVID-19 years.

To cope up with these changes, FLEEK – a new tech and lifestyle brand, started to introduce quality and affordable products. From smart wearables to on-the-go accessories for daily life, FLEEK aims to offer products that are essential and affordable to Filipinos.

Mix it up, anytime, anywhere with Orbit

What’s better to have during this rush hour life than a good old drinking companion? The Orbit is an automatic stirring mug that lets you mix your favorite drinks on the go. With its powerful magnetic function, you can conveniently prepare the drink of your choice anytime anywhere.

You can easily choose from three modes. The 30 seconds setting is perfect for your quick stir needs; 60 seconds for mixing more ingredients in your drink; and 30 minutes Water Magnetization mode, best for hot choco mix. The Magnetization mode stirs for 30 seconds then idle for 10 minutes and repeat the process within a 30-minute cycle.

The Orbit is both handy and lightweight which makes it a perfect carry-on tumbler for any of your needs.

Preparing your drinks made easy with the Orbit’s strong magnetic stirring function

Not just your instant coffee

There’s no better way to jumpstart your day but with a cup of coffee. But you can do more than an instant 3-in-1 coffee even when you’re on-the-go with simple ingredients you can get from a supermarket or your favorite coffee shop. Just combine a few syrups or flavors with your shot of espresso or instant coffee in your ORBIT mug and give it a 30-second to 60-second stir and you are ready to go!

Other than coffee, the Orbit stirring mug can also be used with other powdered drinks like milk, chocolate, protein powder, or collagen drink for your beauty regimen.

Juice it up

If you are feeling a little bit under the weather, going fresh is still the best… with a lot of instant or grab and go juices available, fresh juices are still a better option.

Pinoys have a knack with citrus juices such as orange, lemon, lime, and our very own dalandan and calamansi fruit. Aside from being a perfect meal side or dessert, these fruits’ have zesty flavor and are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Cut and squeeze a few pieces of these fruits until you get approximately a cup of juice. Add hot or cold water, then sugar as desired, put your ORBIT mug in 60 seconds stirring mode, and your good to go!

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Get creative!

Of course, there’s no limit to what Orbit can mix up but your imagination. If you’re in a party mode and you want to channel that inner bartender in you, just check out a few DIY party drinks recipes online and have a quick trip to the nearest booze shop.

Bring your stirring mug out, pour those mixers in and stir it up. Do not forget to get those picas and playlist ready!

Grab your Orbit automatic stirring mug for as low as P399 during the Payday sale on July 30 via, Shopee, and Lazada.

For more info about the Orbit Stirring mug and FLEEK, visit

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